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Competition is inevitable. The State advocates industrial optimization, and only with strength can you stand on the door and window industry. In the face of the dazzling brand market, how will you choose

competition is inevitable

the State advocates industrial optimization

only when you have strength can you stand on the door and window industry

and face the dazzling brand market

how will you choose

a door and window will have countless selling points and gimmicks. Together with the materials of doors and windows: aluminum alloy windows, bridge broken thermal insulation windows, wood windows, aluminum wood windows, steel windows, plastic steel windows, color steel windows, etc., it is a fierce share war. Therefore, as a consumer, you can't be fooled. When you get home, you find that it's not the product you want to buy

understand the knowledge of doors and windows

master the active choice

heat insulation bridge broken aluminum doors and windows are the most widely used door and window products at present. Their advantages are light, solid, not easy to deform, metal texture, easy to process, can use spraying or electrophoresis for surface treatment, and can match the architectural shape and interior space of the room with any color, making them more personalized. Hennessy doors and windows are made of aviation aluminum silicon magnesium alloy, which has good anti-corrosion and shock absorption performance and is more stable in use

it's a good choice

know the most comfortable design

of course, only you know how many windows and doors you need at home? The sliding door or hanging door used as a partition is used as a window in the balcony, wall, roof and other places, and a door and window should ensure the maximum ventilation and lighting, wind and rain protection, and also have a more advanced use function, that is, sealing

Hennessy doors and windows adopt the straight material hollow design of the inner frame, which enhances the anti wind pressure deformation ability of the frame and fan, strengthens the protection of the hollow glass, connects the sealing process of the two, and improves the mute, dust-proof, heat insulation and heat preservation functions of the heat insulation bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows; Because of the diversity and practical needs of consumers, Hennessy doors and windows continue to develop and introduce advanced technology, and strive to improve the quality of each door and window

reasonable use

choose the best opening method

Hennessy has developed a variety of energy-saving doors and windows with opening methods to meet the needs of end consumers' use environment and habits: internal casement windows, external casement windows, external hanging windows, internal inverted windows, sliding windows, etc., so that the majority of users have more choices when purchasing, making life more safe and comfortable




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