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In the case of this issue, China Resources Taoyuan adopts a simple and elegant layout tone, simple and transparent floating screen windows, a wonderful mixture of marble and metal pieces with considerable ridges, and ancient paintings reflect the idyllic image of leisure and tranquility


chief designer of landscape decoration Group

graduated from art design major of Hefei Normal University

main works: Baiyue mansion, George manor, light of Vanke era, Xiangyuan City villa, China Resources Taoyuan, etc

working years: 10 years as a registered senior designer of China Decoration Industry Association. He is good at European style, American style, French style, modern simplicity and mixed style. He won the second prize in the 2012 Anhui urban unrestrained space design competition, the 2014 "Red Star Macalline Cup" Hefei top ten designers, the 2014 "Red Star Macalline Cup" Hefei third interior design competition, and the 2015 Chinese lifestyle 100 city top ten designers adjustment competition Hefei top ten designers. Focus on residential, office and commercial space design

design concept:

carefully look at the essence through the appearance of things, and do living interior design

the design of this case | Xu Wenhua

project address | China Resources taoyuanli

project area | duplex 238m2

from a certain dimension, modern cities are like reinforced concrete jungle. For the "jungle walkers" who pursue spiritual destination, the concept of residence is definitely not only a place to stay composed of walls, roofs and windows, but also a place to be safe in body and mind in addition to letting residents no longer wander. Therefore, I believe that creating a comfortable place for residents is far from a reward at the material level. It starts from the breadth of thinking and returns to its own gaze, so as to achieve the inner peace and security of residents

in the context of the current era, the way for scholars to balance and help the world and be alone is to retreat to a private space

the simple and elegant layout tone, the simple and transparent floating screen window, the wonderful blend of marble and metal pieces with considerable ridges, the ancient painting reflects the idyllic image of leisure, calm and happy, the mysterious space of lying bamboo extending infinitely around, and the branches of plum blossom falling on the snow transparent cabinet. These elements all construct the image skeleton of literati, which is thorough, comprehensible, and clear and comfortable





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