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“ Well, the most important thing in life is to be happy &rdquo& ldquo; Are you hungry? I'll cook a bowl of noodles for you &rdquo& ldquo; Emotional matters cannot be forced &rdquo& hellip;& hellip; Do you feel familiar with these words? Yes, this is the classic lines in Hong Kong dramas that we followed together in those years. As the saying goes, love your house and love your dog. Many people come into contact with the Hong Kong style decoration style because they like Hong Kong opera, and gradually like it. Today, I'd like to introduce to you the decoration style of Xiagang style

a sir, what are the Hong Kong style decoration styles

■ modern Hong Kong style

this is the most favorite Hong Kong style decoration style for modern people who pursue fashion and practical performance. Because the current high housing prices make every hard-working young people feel very difficult and it is not easy to afford the high house purchase cost, so everyone hopes that the decoration cost can be more affordable, and this style of Hong Kong style decoration usually pays great attention to the permeability of space, Many are open restaurants or use transparent glass to partition the living room. While enlarging the living space, more practical areas are added. In addition, the layout on the ground and walls is also dominated by exquisite and simple fashionable household accessories, creating a modern living atmosphere

■ rural Hong Kong style

with the accelerating pace of urban life, more and more people begin to yearn for simple and elegant rural life, so this type of Hong Kong style decoration style gradually stands out among the complex decoration styles. Just as people are used to eating wild delicacies and miss meager food, this decoration style is contrary to the cumbersome and gorgeous modern mainstream style. Both the color and the use of furniture follow the principle of simplicity and clarity. The furniture products in the original wood, the fresh and elegant main colors, the soft and comfortable cotton sofa, and so on, all reveal the unrestrained rural casual life

■ British Hong Kong Style:

due to the influence of colonial rule, many of this Hong Kong style decoration style like to create a sense of British luxury and elegance, and pay more attention to the use of all kinds of gorgeous decorations. The most common method is to use the decorative technology of luxurious and strong metal color and classical iron art, such as installing a branched and colorful crystal ceiling at the ceiling of the living room There are exquisitely carved windows or wall mounted oil paintings with a strong artistic atmosphere, which highlight the unique luxury charm of British Hong Kong style everywhere

■ nostalgic Hong Kong Style:

among many Hong Kong style decoration styles, nostalgic style is the most popular “ Local tyrants ” Welcome one, because this kind of people often have a special feeling for classical culture and historical years, and this style of simple and tough outline and calm and simple dark tone can well create a distinctive and noble quality of life

“ Hong Kong is a society that stresses the rule of law ” (once you say this, the other party is helpless)

Hong Kong style decoration style design should also pay attention to “ Law &rdquo

if the interior design of the whole room is compared to a thought-provoking film, then home design is the movie soundtrack or episode that often appears at critical moments in this film. Movie episodes always appear at the most touching moments, which has the effect of making the finishing touch. Home accessories are the same. It highlights the style of the room, sets off the style of the room, balances the relationship between indoor color, pattern, light and shade, size and other aspects, and is an indispensable part of indoor decoration

■ living room

in the decoration of Hong Kong style, the living room often takes yellow as the main tone to show a casual atmosphere

Hong Kong interior design trends, which create resplendence with metallic colors and lines, are mostly modern, with cool colors, simple lines, more luxurious, simple and fashionable

■ restaurant

there is one detail in the Hong Kong style home that you need to match and choose carefully, that is the tableware on the table. In Hong Kong style design, most of the materials and furniture in the home are excellent, so we should also choose those exquisite porcelain and pottery to match it on the tableware. You may as well enrich the color and shape. Dark red, precious blue, dark gray and dark purple will not make your restaurant lose its original noble feeling

■ kitchen

Hong Kong style kitchen gives people a modern feeling and strong functions. It mostly reflects the characteristics of Hong Kong style kitchen in metal color. Dining tables and chairs with simple color lines are mainly grayish white

■ toilet

the Hong Kong style toilet is comfortable and modern, focusing on the embodiment of the quality of life. The overall decoration of the Hong Kong style toilet is composed of transparent, black and white, which is visually comfortable and fashionable

■ lighting

because Hong Kong style home design mostly adopts black-and-white, gray, white and other introverted colors, lamps and lanterns can use some rich colors to neutralize these gray tones. Such as light pink, dark blue, fruit green, etc. Lines should be simple and generous, not fancy, otherwise it will affect the calm feeling of the whole room. In addition, another function of lamps and lanterns is to provide soft, warm color lighting, so that the overall simple and elegant room will not have too much cold feeling

■ fabric matching

fabric mainly plays a role in sofa cushions and bedding

generally, the sofas in Hong Kong style home use gray or elegant colors and patterns, so the sofa cushion should adjust the stereotype of the sofa as much as possible, and the color can jump a little, but not too much, just a little brighter than the color of the sofa itself

beddings can use a variety of fabrics to achieve a sense of hierarchy and rich visual effects, such as wool products, fur, etc., elegant and generous, which not only adjust the overall impression of the bedroom or living room, but also coordinate with the whole bedroom

“ The most important thing for a family is to be neat ”, In order to get a good effect of Hong Kong style decoration, all spaces and elements should also be designed and matched reasonably. Finally, being a person is really the most important thing




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