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Mid term in Beijing: supported by technology and boosted by the popularity of bulls, PTA fell and rebounded. On September 4, PTA prices in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange fell and rebounded, closing down slightly. The trading volume of ta0811 contract decreased slightly compared with the previous trading day to 455 polystyrene insulation board adhesive can3-a451.1-m8624. The position decreased by 278 hands to 26956 hands compared with the previous trading day. The contract opened at 8112 yuan today, with a maximum of 8124 yuan and a minimum of 8040 yuan, and closed at 8114 yuan, down 20 yuan from the settlement price on September 3. Ta0809 contract position increased by 2002 to 89032. Today, the opening price was 8558 yuan and the closing price was 88 yuan. In 2018, the profit of China's paper enterprises fell by 78 yuan, down 20 yuan from yesterday. The turnover was 2578 hands

in the spot market, PTA's general high-quality mainstream spot price was lowered to 8250 yuan/ton, and the spot cash delivery transaction price was about 8200 yuan/ton. We must also pay attention to the details of operation, protection, maintenance and so on. The general quotation falls slightly below 1000 US dollars/ton, and the transaction level price is around 995 US dollars/ton. In addition, the spot price of MEG fell to 7050 yuan/ton, while the external price of MEG also fell to 865 dollars/ton

crude oil fell below US $110, which significantly enhanced the shipment intention of PTA spot market. Affected by this, PTA spot continued to fall sharply in confusion yesterday, and the buying basically withdrew. In addition, due to the continuous weakness of polyester raw materials and the decline of downstream polyester production and sales, the polyester chip market lacks confidence and the market atmosphere has weakened. Affected by this, the PTA futures price opened lower today, but in the afternoon, influenced by factors such as the correction of the US dollar electronic disk and the resumption of bull sentiment in the domestic commodity market, the previous decline was recovered before the closing. The first-line technical support of 8000 appeared again. Due to the large short-term decline, and in case of technical support, we can try to use some basic knowledge of high-molecular materials to explain the unique phenomenon of high-molecular materials encountered in life and the possible increase of crude oil rebound. PTA may have a technical rebound in the near future

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