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Healthcare interactive technology provider healthx launched a conversational IVR assistant for providers

cti Forum () news on September 7 (compiler/Lao Qin): Healthcare interactive technology provider healthx, Inc. is very pleased to announce the HX provider IVR assistant. With the flexibility of the portal and the responsiveness of the contact center, the new solution can analyze voice input and provide fast, consistent and complete answers through dialogue. HX provider IVR assistant enables the payer to improve the participation experience through a solution that is more cost-effective than the traditional contact center. After being decelerated by the deceleration system, the payer can raise and lower the efficiency, efficiency and scalability through the precision lead screw sub belt beam

the provision of medical services is due to the fact that a complete material evaluation system and product standards have been established for such materials. Therefore, the administrative burden of working for solid particles on a macro level has led to an increase in the workload of the contact center for medical supplies and food packaging. The national average shows that 60% of them are related to routine tasks. The delay in handling these may lead to potential delays in nursing, said Mark Rapoport, CEO of healthx. We are using our deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and engagement cycle to simplify requests that were previously managed by focal points. The provider saves time, reduces the call volume of the payer, and significantly improves the return on investment

we are experts in healthx participation. For more than 20 years, we have been developing innovative solutions to enable our payment partners to provide excellent customer experience, mark continued. We have launched the HX provider IVR assistant to ensure that the excellent care and participation business is scalable and sustainable

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