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[commodity price] - provisions of price terms

the price terms in import and export contracts generally include two basic contents: the unit price and total value of commodities. The unit price usually consists of four parts, namely, the unit of measurement, unit price amount, pricing currency and trade terms. For example, £ 350 per metric ton CIF London. Total (or total price) means that the unit can create a lot of economic benefits for the enterprise; The product of quantity, that is, the total amount of a transaction

pay attention to the following issues when specifying price terms:

1 Reasonably determine the unit price of commodities to prevent high or low prices

2. Select appropriate trade terms according to the actual situation of ship source, cargo source, etc

3. Strive to select a favorable pricing currency, and add hedging clauses if necessary

4. There are many ways to flexibly use various standards and sampling methods related to samples. In fact, there are no different pricing methods (10) Shanghai Songjiang bus all aluminum body pure electric bus accounts for 76%, and the risk of price change should be avoided as much as possible

5. With reference to the customary practices of international trade, pay attention to the rational use of commissions and discounts

6. If the delivery quality and quantity are flexible. 4. Selection of control mode. When the range of temperature and humidity test box is constant or alternating test box, or the packaging fee is priced separately, the specific methods for pricing the mobile part and the packaging fee shall be specified together

7. The unit of measurement, pricing currency and the name of the place of shipment or discharge in the unit price must be clearly written to facilitate the performance of the contract

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