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New Century Futures: PTA is still declining, waiting for the positive

I. fundamental analysis

1. Overview of PTA spot last week:

the transaction level price of self withdrawal of cash in the mainstream of the internal market: 5200-5400 yuan/ton

transaction level price of offshore spot ship plate: USD 620-630/ton

ccf PTA takeover index: 0.5

in the face of sluggish production and sales, product prices continue to plummet, polyester enterprises gradually increase production reduction measures, and the procurement cycle is generally tightened. Affected by this, the general trend of PTA spot is still depressed today. Although sales in the internal market are limited in the near future, the market mentality continues to be weak due to the sharp decline of futures Some high-quality quotations are mostly around 5500 yuan/ton. Generally, the counter-offer of the buyer is basically close to 5000 yuan/ton or below, and the mainstream transaction level is temporarily estimated at about yuan/ton. In terms of external offer, it is still in a state of price but no market recently. It is more difficult for traders with goods to quote. Generally, the buyer is required to bid and then consider whether to release the goods at a low price within its own acceptable range. I heard that a small number of Taiwan and South Korea's spot prices are around 650 US dollars/ton, but the market feedback is cold. The buyer's intentional counter-offer is only 600 US dollars/ton or less. It is difficult to evaluate the focus of the market transaction. The possible range of the transaction is around US dollars/ton, and the Thai spot negotiation has gradually reached 600 US dollars/ton or less In terms of contract goods, Xianglu petrochemical and Zhuhai Bibi introduced the settlement price of PTA contract customers in October, both of which were 6350 yuan/ton. The quotation for next month has not been released yet

2. MEG spot overview:

in the internal market, the mainstream spot cash self delivery transaction price of general large and medium-sized orders: yuan/ton

in the external market, the spot cash ship plate transaction price of offshore cargo: USD/ton

ccf takeover index: 0.5

the international futures continued to fall, and the market anxiety continued unabated. Such sentiment spread to the MEG market, and the market atmosphere remained cold. In general, there are many large and medium-sized orders on the spot in the internal market, and there is no active offer. The operators have read the wrong figures. In the afternoon, there was a 2000 ton spot cash transaction in Zhangjiagang at 3600 yuan/ton. The mainstream negotiation level of the market was at yuan/ton, the buyer's lower counter offer was at or below 3500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation level of small orders was also reduced to yuan/ton. The actual transaction was not much; The spot price of the outer plate also continued to decline. The spot price of general cargo was reported to be around $450/ton, the counter-offer level of the buyer was $per ton, and the transaction level of the mainstream negotiation was $per ton. It is reported that the spot price of a thousand ton cargo shipped in November was $30/ton. It needs a constant speed tensile testing machine

II can also be used for performance change experiments and future prospects of other elastic components and friction institutions:

the impact of the financial crisis still exists, the overnight electronic price of crude oil rose slightly, and the decline of PTA futures price remains. Today, PTA high opening low walking four ball friction and wear tester models are widely used, PX prices are falling rapidly, and PTA costs are falling rapidly. PTA futures price rise has no substantial positive support. From the perspective of downstream products, the overall domestic and foreign textile market demand is not booming, and the textile demand is difficult to strengthen in the short term. Future outlook: PTA prices still have room to fall. PTA has no potential to reverse before there is no substantive good news. Pay close attention to the international financial situation and crude oil prices

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