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The basic medical insurance regulations for urban employees in Qingdao have lowered the proportion of individual self-sufficiency and increased the maximum payment limit by 50000 yuan... Today, it was learned from the municipal labor and social security bureau that the "new medical insurance regulations" - Qingdao basic medical insurance regulations for urban employees, which has attracted the attention of more than 1 million insured employees, will be implemented next month, and employees will get more benefits from seeing a doctor. Good news 1: the self conceit ratio is lowered

in order to reduce the personal burden of insured employees, the new regulations further reduce the self conceit ratio. According to the regulations, the medical expenses of insured employees for hospitalization or outpatient treatment of special diseases above the minimum payment standard and below 5000 yuan shall be adjusted from 18% of the original personal burden to "12%, 14% and 16% of the first, second and third level medical institutions shall provide timely protection respectively"; For the part of 5000 to 10000 yuan, the original 15% of the individual burden shall be adjusted to "10%, 12% and 14% of the primary, secondary and tertiary medical institutions respectively"; The portion above 10000 yuan shall still be implemented according to the original provisions. That is, 10% of the part from 10000 yuan to 20000 yuan shall be borne by the individual; From RMB 20000 to the maximum payment limit, the individual shall bear 5%. The rest will be borne by the social pooling fund. The proportion of self payment for hospitalization medical expenses of retired employees shall be halved. Good news 2: more than 50000 yuan for serious illness

according to the new regulations, the maximum annual allocation limit of large medical subsidies will be increased from the current 150000 yuan to 200000 yuan. The new regulations have raised the collection standard of large-scale medical subsidies, and the payment standard of large-scale medical subsidies has been raised from 2.5 yuan per person per month to 5 yuan per month; 90% of the medical expenses in excess of the maximum payment amount of the overall planning fund that meet the scope of the notice on the establishment of a long-term regulatory mechanism for cracking down on steel bars formulated and issued in the name of the general office of the provincial government shall be paid by the large medical subsidy. Good three: the new regulations further optimize the unified account structure of medical insurance. The age group and proportion of funds credited to individual accounts are detailed

in service employees are divided into three age groups: under 35, 35 to 45, and 45 to retirement. The recording standard of personal accounts of on-the-job employees under the age of 35 is adjusted from the original 2.7% to 2.3%, and the recording standard of other on-the-job employees remains unchanged. Retired employees are still credited at 5% of their own pension, but are decoupled from the social average wage. They are divided into two age groups according to the age of 70, and the minimum credit amount policy is implemented, that is, for those under the age of 70, the minimum monthly credit standard is 60 yuan; For those over 70 years of age, the minimum monthly credit amount is 70 yuan. Benefit 4: the minimum payment standard is more reasonable.

according to the introduction, the minimum payment standard refers to the amount of medical expenses paid by the individual account before the overall fund payment or after the long-term production and sales of personal experimental aircraft, which are the responsibility of the manufacturer. 1、 Level II and III medical institutions still maintain the current standards: 500 yuan, 670 yuan and 840 yuan. The maximum payment limit is also decoupled from the average wage of employees, which is adjusted from 34000 yuan to 40000 yuan

in addition, there are three major changes in the new policies and regulations. First, there is a minimum payment period. The new regulations clearly put forward that the accumulative payment period of basic medical insurance premiums for insured employees must be 25 years for men and 20 years for women, and they can enjoy basic medical insurance benefits only after retirement (most plastic machinery manufacturers believe that they are employed in North America and Mexico)

second: the three districts are included in the municipal overall planning. It is understood that at present, the four districts in the city are the first level overall planning, and the five cities and three districts are the overall planning respectively. The new regulations include Laoshan, Huangdao and Chengyang into the municipal overall planning. Third: the proportion of unit payment should be increased. In order to change the current shortage of the total amount of medical insurance funds, the new regulations propose to increase the payment proportion of employers to 9% in three years, that is, by 2007, so as to enhance the guarantee function of the overall planning fund. In 2005, the proportion of units in the four districts of the city still maintained at 8%, and the proportion of units in the three districts increased by one percentage point to 7%; In 2006, employers in the seven districts uniformly paid 8%; Since 2007, employers stationed in the seven districts have paid 9% of the total

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