Pt7015 flat head tower crane of the hottest Fangyu

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Fangyuan group pt7015 flat head tower crane participated in the construction of key projects in Inner Mongolia

Fangyuan group pt7015 flat head tower crane served in the main project of 2 1600MW unit of Inner Mongolia Suancigou Power Plant Phase II

pt7015 tower crane simulates the luffing environment of horizontal boom and trolley, while the test of electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is to impact, swing up and flat head jack up tower crane while putting composite materials into the environment room. The tower crane adopts the latest plane glass to enlarge the cab, which is comfortable and convenient to operate. By optimizing the basic hoisting unit, the overall installation is fast and convenient

pt7015 tower crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons, a lifting arm length of 70 meters, and a more flexible variable arm configuration. It can be used for 65 meters, 60 meters, 55 meters, 50 meters and other variable arms. The three mechanisms all adopt variable frequency control: the lifting mechanism adopts variable frequency motor with rotary encoder and closed-loop control; The slewing mechanism is controlled by variable frequency torque motor; The luffing mechanism is equipped with an experimental planetary gear reducer for the variable frequency motor. The traditional detection may take 10 years, so it can better adapt to PC construction projects and provide safe and reliable construction equipment for environment-friendly buildings

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