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Material selection and application analysis of printing process of different environmental protection cartons

packaging should not only protect the contents, but also promote the product image and transmit product information. The oil output of oil return pipe of oil delivery valve is large. All commodities need packaging, and packaging is also an important part of commodities. In the field of packaging, due to the light material and high strength of carton packaging, the mature printing and post printing process, and the recyclable and reusable green packaging, it has a wide range of applications, especially in the food, tobacco, wine, medicine, cosmetics, household goods and other industries. There are more and more products, and the printing and production is also more and more exquisite

in terms of carton packaging materials, from corrugated paper to kraft paper, whiteboard, and white new projects, the production of which will increase the company's production capacity by 320000 tons of paperboard, aluminum coated paperboard, aluminum foil paperboard, transfer laser paperboard, and industrial paperboard. In addition to selecting materials according to different contents, the selection of materials should also be comprehensively considered from the aspects of printing process, beauty, positioning, etc, From the aspect of appearance, only when the packaging of goods reflects its unique cultural connotation and gives consumers a pleasant feeling, can it achieve better results, so we should give consideration to the selection of materials

most of the outer packages of wine are cartons, and environmental protection carton packaging is also relatively mature in the application of outer packaging of wine, and more high-end wine boxes are made into gift boxes. Take the high-end gift box as an example. Generally, the facial paper is pasted and formed with industrial cardboard after printing, finishing and processing. The facial paper adopts g/m2 aluminized (laser) film paperboard and aluminum foil paperboard, and usually adopts combined printing. The commonly used combination is UV offset printing and silk printing. After the aluminized (laser) film paperboard is printed by the mature UV offset printing process, it can take into account the thickness of the color block and the rich printing layers, The combination of UV glazing and silk printing after offset printing with unique decorative effects (such as wrinkles, snowflakes, refraction, crystals and other artistic effects make the wine box packaging icing on the cake), and the process of hot stamping, embossing, die cutting, mounting and pasting into a box after printing

the facial paper used in the packaging of medium-grade wine is basically the same as that of high-grade wine. Most of them are aluminum coated (laser) film paperboard and aluminum foil paperboard, but the quantitative amount of the paper has increased (between g/m2). Generally, post press processing only requires the processes of mounting, embossing, die cutting and sticking boxes. Medium grade wine boxes are mostly printed with silk, and some also use combination printing. They also use the finishing of offset printing and silk printing with special ink. Combination printing is more economical and environmental friendly

if all silk printing is used, the following conditions exist

1. At present, volatile dry silk printing ink is bound to be used, but domestic volatile dry silk printing ink will produce a large number of harmful gases in the process of natural volatilization of solvent, polluting the working environment. In serious cases, it cannot be removed in time through the exhaust system of the working environment, which is detrimental to the health of operators. If it is necessary to use silk printing, it is best to use more UV ink to reduce the use of volatile dry solvent containing silk ink

2. All adopt silk printing, and there is no problem with the thickness of the ink layer on the box surface. Generally, the effect of printing by stretch printing with high tension polyester yarn is better, but there are certain difficulties in fine overprint, especially when using UV ink, the paper that has passed through the light curing machine for many times has certain deformation

at present, the water-based ink of silk printing is not used in carton printing. In part, due to problems in ink development, the printing requirements of wine box packaging are indeed not met. On the other hand, wine box packaging has no strict requirements on ink residue, so most printing enterprises that do wine box packaging do not consider using it. If the wine box packaging adopts water-based ink, it can not only realize the wine box packaging more green and environmental protection, but also completely improve the production and operation environment and protect the health of workers. From the current price of ink, water-based ink is cheaper than other inks, which can reduce costs. Therefore, wine box packaging silk printing enterprises should actively and actively promote the development of water-based inks through communication with customers, innovation of printing process and technology, and cooperation with ink manufacturers

low grade wine packaging products are generally printed by white board offset printing. The requirements for equipment are not high. In the printing process, only the thickness of the ink layer can be used to improve the grade of the product. In the printing process, the purpose of not rubbing dirt and sticking flowers can be achieved by proper powder spraying. White board offset printing products generally require post printing processes of hot stamping, film laminating, embossing, mounting (or tiling), die cutting, and box pasting

in terms of material procurement, the low-grade wine packaging paper is gray bottom white board paper with a lower price of g/m2, and the ink can also be ordinary offset printing ink with a lower price. Electrochemical aluminum with different effects can be selected to improve the product grade. At present, the wine packaging products of white board offset printing on the market are protected by film covering process to protect the ink layer, waterproof and load-bearing. Glazing technology is not applied to wine box packaging (considering the load-bearing of wine packaging and other factors). At present, although the pre coating or environmental protection film has improved the working environment, it has a certain impact on the environment due to its non degradability

looking at the rest of the environmental protection carton packaging in the world, such as cigarette packs and drug packaging, are well used. Although high-end cigarette labels still use cardboard containing aluminum foil, the non degradable film has been removed. High end cigarette labels generally use silver aluminum foil cardboard and degradable transfer laser cardboard UV offset printing, single concave machine or silk finishing and other combination printing, Although the printing process is difficult (high-end cigarette labels are fine products, the printing and assembly are in 15 or 18 pages, the paper is large, and the production process control should be done well in the printing and finishing process, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of post process embossing, die cutting, etc. after varying degrees of deformation), complex (high-end cigarette labels need special finishing, holographic hot stamping, or re printing, indentation, embossing, die cutting, etc. on hot stamping) There are many materials used, but they are more environmentally friendly in the production process. For example, UV glazing or special UV varnish effect treatment is used after offset printing, and UV special effect ink is used for silk printing. High grade cigarette labels have high requirements for paper and ink. The paper surface treatment must match the ink. The ink used must meet the environmental protection requirements of cigarette packs and ensure the printing suitability. The UV gloss used should consider the smoothness of the cigarette pack surface and the wear resistance of the ink. It is suitable for high-speed cigarette pack packaging machines. The UV finishing ink should ensure firm adhesion, complete drying after printing, and no ink falling off at the indentation and die cutting edges, Before mass production, it is best to do experiments first, and then mass production after meeting the requirements. Other cigarette labels adopt gravure printing with coated paper and white cardboard, which also has high requirements for paper and ink

the drug packaging generally adopts the offset printing of gray background white board and white cardboard. After printing, most of them only need polishing and polishing. The drug packaging is more refined than the wine packaging. Compared with the cigarette label, the printing and post printing process is simpler. Most of the printing can be completed only by four-color ordinary offset printing. After printing, they need polishing and other processes. Attention should be paid to in the process preparation (the control of the whole process must be considered. The composition should be based on the size of the product and the most economical use of the paper at the same time. In the process preparation, we should not give consideration to one thing and lose the other. We should avoid the deformation of the paper after polishing and high-temperature polishing, the poor overprint of each or several inconsistencies found during die cutting, or the alignment of the pattern at the cover of a product box and the pattern of the box body, etc.). The purchase of drug packaging materials requires higher paper quality indicators

cartons are basically the same as drug packaging in some other household goods and cosmetics packaging applications, except that some cosmetics packaging needs to be made of special paper. Some special paper surfaces, such as copper cotton paper, color Luo paper, etc., have different absorbency and adhesion to ink, and special paper also has different requirements for the printing methods used (some paper offset printing cannot be printed, etc.), Whether before printing or post press processing, sufficient tests should be done to ensure the printing quality of mass production and the quality requirements of post process production. When purchasing special paper to make packaging boxes, the above aspects should be fully considered

carton packaging is particularly widely used in the packaging field. According to different packaging purposes and positioning, different printing and manufacturing processes choose different materials. In the purchase of materials, environmental protection materials should also be selected according to different design and decoration effects and printing and production processes

in short, compared with other packaging, carton packaging is economical and beautiful, and can maximize the internal product; Environmental protection, carton packaging can be recycled. As a carton packaging and printing enterprise, although carton packaging is more green and environmental friendly than other packaging, the following aspects need to be paid attention to and further improved

(1) the problem of excessive packaging, especially high-end products (such as high-end alcohol, high-end tonic drugs, etc. eliminate errors as soon as possible), should start from the source, from the packaging design and development, so as to achieve simple structure, reduce materials, and avoid excessive packaging

(2) from the perspective of printing enterprises, they should actively use environmental friendly inks to promote the healthy development of environmental friendly inks

(3) for carton packaging, there are still a considerable number of paper products with aluminum film on the surface or need to be protected by the film covering process, and the waste is still difficult to degrade for a long time (even degradable bioplastics, there is a certain recycling problem). Printing enterprises should, through technological innovation, try to use film-free transfer paper for printing or UV polishing for protection, remove the film covering process, and truly realize environmental protection cartons

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