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Kangmei pharmaceutical Ma Xingtian: "small package" reform has made Chinese medicine tycoon

in Puning, an important commercial port in eastern Guangdong, people often show two signs when talking about Chinese medicine: first, there is a Chinese medicine trading market that has developed since the Ming and Qing Dynasties; Second, there is a fast-growing listed company of traditional Chinese medicine, Kangmei pharmaceutical

in the 12 years of using Internet technology in industrial production, Kangmei pharmaceutical has achieved a great leap in capital scale, with the total share capital and stock market value increasing 32 times and 264 times respectively. At present, the total assets of the enterprise exceed 4.5 billion yuan. According to the financial report, this Chinese herbal medicine production enterprise began to enter a leap period four years ago: from 2005 to 2008, its annual sales rose from 585million yuan to 1.727 billion yuan, and its total assets also increased six times

it seems very simple to pry the golden key of the explosive growth of Kangmei. The small package of traditional Chinese medicine slices. Qiu Xiwei, deputy general manager of Kangmei pharmaceutical, said: Although this is a small reform, it is changing China's traditional Chinese medicine medication of hand weighing since ancient times, which condenses how much heart and blood of Kangmei

starting with western medicine, he resolutely devoted himself to the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces

reviewing the growth experience of Kangmei, a Chinese medicine giant, there were at least two magnificent strategic turns

in 1995, Ma Xingtian and his wife xudongjin founded Guangdong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a joint-venture private enterprise. On June 9, 1997, it officially changed its name to Guangdong Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., taking a crucial step on the road of modern enterprise. In March, 2001, the company's shares were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange with the securities code of 600518

initially, Kangmei started with western medicine, and has many national new drugs, such as kangmeiluoxinping, kangmeipeining, kangmeitetra, and kangmeinuosha. Looking at the growing popularity of Kangmei, Ma Xingtian realized that if we continue the road of Western medicine, there are too many mountains ahead. In addition, we should also think about whether the oil is too thin and dirty, and take the road of traditional Chinese medicine to have more core competitiveness

after full investigation and bold prediction, Kangmei aimed at the industrialization and scale of traditional Chinese medicine. Ma Xingtian believes that the industry characteristics of small, scattered and disordered and the traditional production and processing mode of front store and back workshop have seriously hindered the development of the industry. The generally low quality and long service life of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces may lead to the decline of the whole cause of traditional Chinese medicine

in 2002, Kangmei pharmaceutical decided to invest 100million to build a large-scale modern Chinese herbal medicine industrialization demonstration base with the largest scale, the highest starting point and the realization of large-scale production of Chinese herbal medicine in China, under the condition of insufficient financial strength

the first battle was won. Kangmei traditional Chinese medicine decoction base has achieved normal production and operation after a construction cycle of just over 8 months. In October, 2003, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. became one of the first batch of pilot demonstration enterprises that passed the GMP certification of national traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. By 2004, the annual sales of Kangmei had exceeded 500million

small packaging innovation drives industry reform

May 1st, 2005 is a memorable day for Kangmei. From this day on, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the largest medical institution of traditional Chinese medicine in China, has launched all small packages of traditional Chinese medicine slices. It is also the first hospital in China to adopt all small packages of traditional Chinese medicine slices. The supply enterprise is Kangmei pharmaceutical. The exemplary role of leading units of traditional Chinese medicine has laid a solid foundation for Kangmei pharmaceutical to establish its leading position in the industry

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