Material brand of the hottest self tapping screw

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Material grade of self tapping screw

1. Material of self drilling self tapping screw (gb/t3098.)

note: the allowable boron content range is: 0 30%

2. Self extruding screws (including self tapping locking screws)

(gb3098.) Self extruding screws shall be made by carburizing and cold heading. The chemical composition of the material given in Table 1 is only indicative

otherwise, not only the experiment will not be successful, but also the external work

3. Self tapping screws are made of cold heading and carburized steel (gb3098.)

4. Material brand of wood screws (there would not be so many Spandex Enterprises in China, gb92 and this)

note: copper and copper alloys H62, hpbgb4424, gb4425

(1) steel materials manufactured by different smelting and pouring methods can also be used

(2) various materials listed in each column in the "brand" column can be common to each other

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