Trend of some chemical products in East China pure

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The trend of some chemical products in East China (Shanghai) - pure benzene

market has not improved, and the market continues to operate at a low level. The market reference price fluctuated slightly between 6000 ~ 6100 yuan (ton price, the same below), which was basically the same as that in the first ten days. The main characteristics of the current market: first, the trading volume of pure benzene is enlarged, and the price is still low. There are certain differences between the buyer and the seller on the need to weigh the future trend; Second, the international crude oil price trend is stable according to the "1025" development plan of new material industry, and the toluene and xylene market supply is insufficient, which forms a certain support for the price of pure benzene; Third, the price of pure benzene in Southeast Asia rebounded sharply. On December 16, the price of pure benzene could fluctuate around $0 above 10 ℃ when it was serious at 66 ℃, up $60 from the first ten days

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