Materials used for the hottest gas valve

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Materials used for gas valves

domestic commonly used gas is divided into four types: natural gas, liquefied gas, artificial gas and the mixture of liquefied gas and air, of which natural gas is the least corrosive, followed by liquefied gas, and artificial gas is the most corrosive. The harmful substances in artificial gas are mainly sulfur dioxide, naphthalene, and coal coke. "Briefly describe the materials that can be detected by friction and wear tester, such as oil, etc

there are no special requirements for the materials of natural gas valves. If ordinary carbon steel is used, the surface must be treated to prevent corrosion. However, it is better not to use ordinary copper on the valve for artificial gas. It turns into copper sulfate when it meets with sulfur dioxide in water, which will cause great corrosion to parts. It should be noted that; Artificial gas is very easy to form naphthalene on valves and pipelines. It is a kind of white crystal, which is hard and difficult to remove, affecting the closing and opening of valves. Coal tar is sticky in valves and pipelines. Li Qiangqiang pointed out in his speech that it is everywhere and it is very difficult to clean up. At present, there is no good solution

Fujian fell by 40 yuan/ton

cast iron can be used for the valve body of artificial gas valves with low pressure, ductile iron can be used for medium pressure, and cast stainless steel (316) can be used for high pressure. It is better not to use ordinary cast steel. The rubber diaphragm cavity shell of the pneumatic control valve should preferably not use the steel plate stamping structure. If it is necessary to use it, the interior should be subject to relatively advanced surface treatment (such as nickel phosphorus electroless plating, etc.)

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