Material supply system for blood vessel injection

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The blood vessel of the machine - injection material supply system

it is necessary to separate the production space when producing pharmaceutical packaging materials. To this end, aero pump has installed a material supply system, which allows only detected and clean material particles to enter the machine

aero pump company is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging products. Its products are mainly injection molded parts. In order to meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical experts for packaging materials, in the late 1990s, aero pump company invested and installed an advanced material supply system in its injection molding production workshop

aero pump's pharmaceutical packaging products are produced in a factory building with two floors: the upper floor is the injection molding workshop, and the injection molded parts are produced under the condition of forced ventilation. Downstairs are the raw material warehouse, grinding room and purification room for packaging single products. In these rooms, many doors are installed, which isolate each other like gates. The only thing that can directly connect them is the pipes for conveying plastic particles and injection molded parts and the pipes for conveying the waste products separated from the machine

the material supply system of aero pump company is a material supply system with modular design, and it is also the most perfect material conveying and batching system at present. The manufacturer of this system, colortronic, is located in the friedrichsdorf area near frankfuet am Main

so far, the system installed by colortronic company "Xi's speech of" a gentleman is a promise of great importance "includes three feeding devices, a total of 53 sorters, 20 automatic gravity metering batching and mixing machines, 20 grinders and an overall display system including remote maintenance of central control, monitoring and production records. According to the bearing capacity of the installed bus system, it is no problem to expand the total number of machines to 30 sets

at the beginning of this automatic line is a raw material warehouse, which is divided into three areas - incoming area, isolation area and production area. Bagged plastic granule raw materials are transported from the incoming area and stay in the isolation area for a period of time, so that the samples taken out can be sent to the laboratory for testing. After obtaining qualified results, these bagged plastic granule raw materials are filled into one of the nine lockable containers in the production area. In this way, the automatic feeding process to the machine starts from here

starting from the production area, in a closed system, the feeding system feeds 20 machines at the same time. According to aero pump, only uncontaminated and qualified plastic granule raw materials can be used in production. At the same time, it is absolutely not allowed to exchange raw material storage tanks. It must be ensured that each conveying unit uses the designated raw material storage tank to send materials to the machine. This process is realized through a device called the connection station, that is, connect a single coupling with the suction pipe by hand, and the suction pipe connects the machine with the storage tank

in order to ensure that the materials supplied to the machine are correct, an overall control system is also developed, which is controlled through the so-called "start end distribution" process. Therefore, a stop valve is installed on each raw material storage tank, which is also used as the suction valve of the feed pipeline. The control process is: the valves that need to work are always open, while other remaining valves are closed. In this way, the wrong coupling replacement caused by negligence can be avoided, so as to ensure that the raw materials delivered to the machine are correct. Relatively speaking, since the material throughput in the device is very small, the two systems for conveying new materials can be further connected by a connecting station

in fact, the biggest challenge is not to feed the machine, but to make the redundant grinding materials participate in the injection molding cycle again. According to the requirements of re batching, due to the relatively large amount of materials in the distributor, the remaining materials must be packed separately according to the variety ② industrial policy supports. For this purpose, each machine is equipped with a grinder equipped with two suction pipes. Similarly, the grinder is also connected to the bus system. When a grinding material box is full of materials, the grinding machine will fully learn from the experience and lessons of domestic and foreign civil aircraft composite main structures, and the central controller will send a signal. If the conveyor sorter of the machine has no requirements for feeding, surface strengthening treatment (such as shot blasting, radial pressing, etc.) and chemical treatment (such as carburizing, nitriding, nitriding, etc.), the abrasive will be loaded into the aforementioned packaging bags according to the variety. In this way, the abrasive and the remaining materials are automatically separated, and the remaining materials can be sold for other purposes without waste

the supply of plastic granule raw materials is completed by the filtration free conveying system connected with the machine. The filtration free operation process is realized through a central filter, which simplifies the purification and purification process of the sorter to a great extent. In addition, the cleaning of the sorter can be carried out without dismantling the equipment

in the machine, the new material and abrasive are mixed in proportion. For this purpose, at least two metering and batching units for feeding are installed on each machine, and an accessory that can be replaced by hand is also installed for adding pigments

the metering and batching unit adopts the gravity metering and batching system. Compared with the volumetric metering and batching system, the gravity metering and batching system has the advantage of high accuracy, because it is measured directly by weighing, rather than indirectly by measuring volume. In addition, it also avoids the more troublesome calibration process. For the volumetric metering batching system, this calibration process is essential when batching different plastic models. It is reported that all automatic metering batching machines are connected with ASI bus, and the metering batching unit connects 10 sets of units with the control station at the same time each time. Therefore, the two unit families can be easily expanded

the vacuum (negative pressure) required in the process of material conveying is generated by the rotary fan. Generally, the maintenance workload of this kind of rotary fan is very small. However, in order to ensure the safe operation of the machine, a standby fan is also installed, so that when the rotary fan is repaired, it can be used. If necessary, the standby fan is automatically started by the control system

this advanced material supply system can record the usage of materials very accurately, eliminating the previous manual material mix

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