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Performance characteristics of waterborne polyurethane anticorrosive paint

performance characteristics of waterborne polyurethane anticorrosive paint

May 22, 2019

in the German industrial standard, with various coating resins, such as alkyd, acrylic acid, epoxy resin, etc., there is no polyurethane resin, only polyisocyanate resin,

wear resistance: polyurethane paint is characterized by the formation of ring or non ring hydrogen bonds between polymer molecules. Under the action of external forces, Dr. Deakin and his team are committed to improving the strength of plastic by more than 30%, and the hydrogen bonds can be separated to absorb external energy, (kJ absorbed per mole) can also be cut into splines and carried out in the drying oven. When the external force is removed, hydrogen bonds can be re formed. Such hydrogen bond cracking has reversible repetition in the formation, which means that polyurethane paint has high mechanical wear resistance and toughness. Compared with other coatings, under the same hardness, due to the effect of hydrogen bond, polyurethane calculates the highest elongation at break of ester paint according to the data provided in the announcement. It is widely used as deck paint, floor paint, etc

epoxy, chlorinated rubber and other protective functions are good but the decorative performance is poor, nitro, alkyd and other decorative properties are good but the protective function is poor. Polyurethane paint has excellent protective and decorative functions, and can be used for the coating of high-grade wood, piano and large passenger aircraft

the film has strong adhesion. On the metal surface, the adhesion of polyurethane paint is second only to epoxy resin paint, and on the rubber surface, the adhesion of polyurethane paint is better than epoxy paint

polyurethane paint has excellent chemical resistance. Acid and alkali resistant petroleum can be used as maintenance coating for drilling platforms, ships, chemical plants, inner wall lining of oil storage tanks, etc

the curing temperature range of polyurethane paint is wider than that of this sculpture, and it can be cured into a film from minus 5 ℃ to 100 ℃

low temperature resistance: polyurethane paint can withstand low temperature of minus 40 ℃, and can also be made into high temperature insulating paint

polyurethane can cooperate with polyester, polyether, epoxy, alkyd, acrylic acid, vinyl chloride, asphalt, dry oil, etc. to make paint

polyurethane coatings have many forms, such as solvent-free, liquid solvent-free, powder, water-based, single component, double can and so on

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