Transformation of dust removal system on the troug

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Transformation of dedusting system on blast furnace trough

impact resistance test of 2 #} high l Jinan assay screen in Ironmaking Plant of Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.: 11 φ/5.5G copper ball falls on the central surface of 1m object at a height of 1.8m 3 ψ/9g stainless steel ball fell into the furnace trough at a height of 30cm, and the original dust removal pipeline was equipped with multiple butterfly valves. The trolley passed the position detection during movement, and the corresponding butterfly valve was opened for dust collection. Its dust removal effect has been unsatisfactory for many years, and the maintenance cost of the butterfly valve and position detection device is high. Whenever the belt conveyor of the feeding system on the trough operates, after the materials are put into the bin, the dust and sinter heat in the bin are constantly gushing out from the bin due to the lack of sealing at the bin opening, resulting in high dust content in the air on the 2# blast furnace trough and high ambient temperature

in this case, it will not only cause the loss of materials, the site is dirty and messy, but also cause great harm to the health of the personnel on the slot. In order to control dust, reduce material loss and improve the working environment on the trough, it is necessary to reform the dust removal system on the trough of 2# blast furnace

1 transformation scheme

according to the field surveying and mapping, the unloading truck and dust removal pipeline are rearranged. The specific scheme is shown in Figure 1

the original 8800 unloading trolley of 5 #, 6 # belt conveyor can no longer be used, and it needs to be replaced with B800 heavy unloading trolley (including herringbone air outlet). B800 heavy unloading trolley parameters: size 10000 mm × 4 1 70 mm × 3050 mm, inclination 12., Motor YL 80l-6-11 kW, reducer zsy200-100, traveling speed O.3 M/s, wheel gauge 6000 mn'1, track gauge 1300 mm

the reformed dust removal system uses the mobile ventilation car of the ventilation slot to replace the original dust removal butterfly valve, and the mobile ventilation car moves synchronously with the unloading car, ensuring the continuous supply of air source at the exhaust outlet of the unloading car and improving the dust removal efficiency. Add a door type sealing device on the unloading car. Only the bin opening in use on the slot is connected with the herringbone air outlet on the unloading car, and the rest of the bin openings are sealed with conveyor belts, which can avoid the overflow of dust and heat in the bin and further improve the environment on the slot

1.1 installation of mobile trolley of ventilation slot

(1) first install the track of mobile trolley. The first level protection of the bottom intermittent film tensile testing machine is to weld #1 6 channel steel on the north and south sides of the top of the ventilation slot with the operator's treatment as the main welding method. The back of the channel steel rests on the ventilation slot, the top of the channel steel is 50 mm higher than the ventilation slot, and the distance between the channel steel on both sides is 720 mm

(2) install the ventilation slot mobile trolley on the track. Trolley size 2450 mm × 65 0 mm × 965 mm, including two sets of running wheel bearings, with a track of 2300 mm. This is a small bag with transparent film ① 108 mm contained in the trolley × Four 650mm rollers are used to fix the sealing belt, and the structure of mobile ventilation trolley after assembly is shown in Figure 2

1.2 use the connection of the suction union

use the suction Union (size L 250 mm × 400 mm × 3000 mm, with flange interface), connect the elastic device assembly on the ventilation slot mobile trolley with the exhaust port on the unloading trolley

1.3 installation of sealing belt

generally, the belts with high requirements on the tensile properties of materials include heat shrinkable film and tensile film. The specification and model of the belt is b600 × 4 (3+1.5), with a total length of 262.8 M. the sealing belt is connected with the unloading trolley in the form of a door sealing device, which is shown in Figure 3

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