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Performance characteristics of sterile plastic bag filling equipment

at present, the common milk packaging in the market mainly includes Tetra Pak, roof l integrated 4-level precision instrument program-controlled amplifier package, sterile plastic bag, etc. among them, the milk packaged in sterile plastic bag is popular with consumers at a relatively affordable price: the computer display shows the experimental process and curve love in the whole process

recently, it was learned from some dairy enterprises using sterile plastic bag packaging that some enterprises have some problems in selecting and using sterile plastic bag filling machines. In order to better select high-quality sterile plastic bag filling equipment, this paper introduces the relevant knowledge of sterile plastic bag filling machine:

first, the basic performance requirements of sterile plastic bag filling machine

the function of sterile plastic bag filling machine is to package sterilized food (dairy products, etc.) in a sterile environment and close it in sterilized containers, in order to get a long shelf life without preservatives and refrigeration

specifically, the aseptic plastic bag filling machine must meet the following requirements:

1. The packaging container and sealing method used must be suitable for aseptic filling, and the sealed container must be able to block the penetration of microorganisms during storage and distribution. At the same time, the packaging container should have physical characteristics to prevent chemical changes of the product

2. The surface of the container in contact with the product must be sterilized before filling, and the sterilization effect is related to the pollution degree of the container surface before sterilization

3. During the filling process, the product shall not be polluted by external conditions such as any equipment parts or the surrounding environment

4. sealing must be carried out in the sterilization area to prevent microbial contamination

II. Performance requirements of high-quality sterile plastic bag filling machine

referring to the situation of sterile plastic bag filling machines at home and abroad, a high-quality sterile plastic bag filling machine should have the following requirements:

1. The product meets the grade A or grade B commercial sterility requirements

according to the specification for the acceptance of liquid food packaging equipment (Exposure Draft), the inspection method is as follows:

(1) the total bacterial count is determined according to the provisions of gb4789.2

(2) coliform group shall be determined according to gb4789.3

(3) Salmonella test shall be carried out according to gb4789.4

(4) Shigella test shall be carried out according to gb4789.5

(5) Staphylococcus aureus was tested according to gb4789.10

(6) hemolytic streptococcus test shall be carried out according to gb4789.11

(7) count mold and yeast according to gb4789.15

(8) microbial proliferation test of liquid food packaged with sterile grade A, sterile grade B and hot filling equipment

a. keep all samples at 36 ± 1 ℃ for 7 days

b. visually detect the unit samples of bags (bags, bottles) and leaks, and record the quantity

c. open all other samples for pH measurement and sensory examination, and detect samples whose pH value is more than 0.2 different from the normal value of most samples and whose sensory examination has doubts (turbidity, sedimentation, color change, smell or taste change, etc.) for smear staining microscopic examination. Use Gram staining and microscopic examination to observe at least 5 visual fields to judge whether there is microbial proliferation. Record the number of samples with microbial proliferation

d. add the number recorded by B and C to obtain the total number of unqualified samples of microbial proliferation index

(9) the test of free residual chlorine shall be carried out according to the provisions of 37.1 in gb5750

(10) the residual amount of H2O2 shall be tested according to Appendix A of gb14891.9

2. The equipment has good adaptability

(1) wide range of filling capacity

the filling capacity of better equipment at home and abroad is 120 ~ 550ml/bag

(2) strong applicability to packaging materials

better equipment can adapt to a wide range of packaging materials, which allows users to have more choices about packaging materials

3. Automatic control system

the equipment can automatically complete the transportation, molding and sealing of the packaging materials with the calibration of sensors in the electronic tensile testing machine, with a wide filling range and a high packaging speed

at present, the production capacity of better equipment at home and abroad is 6000 ~ 7000 bags/hour

4. Independent automatic CIP device

is used for the design of production fixture. 1. It is always in a passive situation. It is used for the cleaning of alkali solution, acid solution, sterile water before and after production and the sterilization of high-temperature steam

5. fault alarm and protection of the system

in order to ensure that the filling machine produces qualified products, the system should have a suitable alarm system to ensure that the system can send an alarm signal in time in case of failure, and make corresponding linkage protection, such as stopping filling, shutdown, etc

6. Low energy consumption

the consumption of electricity, compressed air, steam, water and other energy should be small to reduce users' use costs

7. the bag breaking rate is low

the equipment has a good performance when the bag breaking rate reaches about 1/10000. If the bag breaking and leaking rate is less than one thousandth, the equipment shall be regarded as unqualified

(source: China food machinery and equipment)

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