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Performance, application and Prospect of water-based coatings in the automotive industry

performance, application and Prospect of water-based coatings in the automotive industry

March 3, 2020

with the continuous development and progress of society, environmental protection has gradually become a problem that all mankind attaches great importance to. Therefore, for automotive coatings, from the perspective of environmental protection, the first thing to bear the brunt is to reduce the emission of toxic and harmful substances from automotive coatings. The best way to solve this problem is to find a product coating that can replace the traditional coating. Automotive waterborne coatings, based on environmentally friendly raw materials, not only will not produce toxic and harmful substances in the process of making coatings, which puts forward requirements for the window width of foaming raw materials, but also fully conforms to the trend of contemporary environmental protection. Therefore, in today's era with the theme of environmental protection, the issuance of automotive water-based coatings, Professor Wang Hongyan of the school of automotive engineering, Tongji University issued the certificate exhibition of the executive director, which has a very good application prospect

environmental protection application of automotive water-based coatings

automotive water-based coatings are environmentally friendly products based on environmentally friendly materials. Their advantages are that they have little impact on the environment and human beings, and are not prone to harm. At present, the most direct way to reduce the toxic and harmful substances in traditional automotive coatings is to use water-based automotive coatings, which has become the overall development trend of the automotive coating industry. According to investigation and research, many factories that produce automobiles have all replaced the traditional automotive coatings with water-based coatings. Because the use of high-end automotive water-based coatings can reduce the emission of toxic and harmful substances in coatings, automotive water-based coatings are applied in the automotive field at home and abroad. The use of automotive water-based coatings not only reduces the emission of toxic and harmful substances, but also ensures the health of personnel engaged in the automotive maintenance industry, because the substances in traditional automotive coatings will have a certain impact on human brain system, nervous system and various functions of the body. The use of automotive water-based coatings can reduce the health hazards of relevant personnel, and will not harm the health of drivers and passengers

related performance of automotive water-based coatings

the advantages of automotive water-based coatings have been widely recognized, but what we don't know is that in terms of the "2016 China smart factory Summit Forum" held at the same time, the performance of water-based coatings has far exceeded the performance of traditional coatings. The drying speed of water-based paint operated in a relatively standard way is much faster than that of traditional paint. Under the same conditions, the time required for spraying water-based paint is about 10min, while the traditional paint spraying takes about 20min to complete. In addition, automotive water-based coatings also have the following advantages in terms of performance: (1) the color is relatively full and the covering ability is strong. Under the same area, compared with traditional automotive coatings, the amount of automotive water-based coatings is less, so it can greatly reduce the working time and further improve the production efficiency and customer satisfaction. (2) Compared with traditional automotive coatings, automotive water-based coatings have thinner paint and better smoothness. Coupled with high standard exterior paint, they show the appearance of full color and good gloss. (3) The color stability is high, and it is less affected by different painting methods, so it is not easy to have some defects, such as unevenness and smoothness. It is easier to operate for car scratch repair than traditional paint. Because the operation of automobile spraying and repairing is simpler, the work efficiency is higher, and its own performance, automobile waterborne coatings are widely used

after a long period of research, the prospect of automotive waterborne coatings is very promising. With the continuous improvement of China's industry, automotive water-based coatings are more far-reaching in their application fields, and under the background of "green environmental protection" advocated by China, automotive water-based coatings have more advantages and advantages than traditional automotive coatings

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