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IBOT industrial vacuum cleaner performance and efficiency

choosing the right brand of industrial vacuum cleaner is always a headache, because the functions are similar. The most important thing about industrial vacuum cleaners is the heart. You can contact Yongzhou industry and let the salesman explain it to you. If the sound is stuffy and there is no harsh sound, it is a good machine. As for other functions, they are auxiliary and more humanized. Of course, this is also the condition of our purchase. At present, in the domestic market, there are many brands of industrial vacuum cleaners with similar functions, but the prices vary greatly. Vacuum cleaners are divided into daily use, office use and car use. The car is naturally portable. This vacuum cleaner has low power and suction, but it is absolutely no problem to clean the interior space of the car. When purchasing, it should be noted that many rechargeable portable vacuum cleaners now have less power than those directly connected to the power supply, and the battery has a shorter service time. Its advantage is that it is convenient to use, but its suction is small and the time is short, so it is not recommended. Kaidasi industrial vacuum cleaner is followed by household vacuum cleaner. Household vacuum cleaners can be divided into dust bag type and dust bin type according to the dust bin, that is, there are dust bags and dust-free bags. In western countries, people like to use dust bags because they are easy to clean and can be thrown away together with dust bags to avoid secondary pollution. However, in China, because paper dust bags are inconvenient to purchase (they must be purchased from manufacturers) and the cost is high, non-woven fabrics are often used as the material of dust bags in China, which adds an additional work to the simple and easy dust collection work: cleaning dust bags. This is one reason why many people are unwilling to use vacuum cleaners when tightening the motor fixing screws. The third is the bucket vacuum cleaner used in some office buildings. That kind of vacuum cleaner can absorb water, but household vacuum cleaners can't! IBOT industrial vacuum cleaner therefore, now there is a vacuum cleaner without dust bags. All inhaled dust is stored in a plastic dust bin. When cleaning, only pour out the dust and flush the dust bin with water! Of course, there are drawbacks. Usually, for the sake of beauty, the dust bin of this vacuum cleaner adopts transparent resin materials. However, when the vacuum cleaner with strong suction works, the small particles inhaled form a powerful cyclone in the dust bin of the vacuum cleaner, and those particles cause scratches on the surface of the dust bin. For a long time, the transparent dust bin designed for beauty is also terrible. Moreover, although cleaning the dust bin is simpler than cleaning the dust bag, it will also make fine dust leak out and cause secondary pollution. The performance and use of IBOT industrial vacuum cleaner continue to consolidate and improve the leading edge in related fields. Cost and economic analysis: ◆ performance characteristics 1. Electric operation, low noise, no exhaust emissions; 2. Small size, flexible turning, easy operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for most manual cleaning places; 3. It integrates sweeping and suction, without secondary pollution and dust; 4. The cleaning effect is good, ranging from dust and sand to stones, leaves, iron filings, etc., which can be cleaned by suction. 5. Mechanized operation not only has high efficiency and good effect, and the place where the machine goes is dry and clean, but also avoids the phenomena of dust flying, dust difficult to sweep, and missed sweeping in manual sweeping, ◆ using cost-economic analysis 1. The structural components of industrial cells have high efficiency, sweeping 2000 square meters per hour, which is equivalent to the efficiency of manual sweeping. 2. The operation time is long, and it can be used continuously for 24 hours, and nearly 50000 square meters can be cleaned continuously. 3. The use cost is low. It only costs 5 yuan a day for electricity, and the vulnerable parts are cheap. They only need to be replaced once a year

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