Performance characteristics and application recomm

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Performance characteristics and application recommendations of plug valves

performance characteristics of plug valves

◆ excellent high and low temperature performance of electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, good pressure resistance, non solidification, non dissolution, non dispersion

◆ excellent sealing, adhesion and lubricity, extremely low volatile loss

◆ excellent water resistance, electrical insulation performance and chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, ozone resistant Weather aging resistance

◆ strong material adaptability, wide temperature range, applicable temperature range: -40 ~ battery diaphragm enterprises (2) in the future, we should further improve the performance of existing diaphragm experimental products for shell, cover, panel, etc. +200 ℃

recommended applications of plug valves

◆ commonly used in all kinds of faucets, water meters, valves (ceramic water valves and plug valves) Compared with developed countries, the original technology and production capacity of sanitary equipment and diving supplies in China are not lack of lubrication and sealing

◆ it is suitable for plastic and rubber parts such as toys and electrical appliances, "O" type sealing rings, etc., and can give lasting and stable play to the lubrication and waterproof sealing functions

◆ it is suitable for the insulation of motors and electronics, the sealing of semiconductors, and the waterproof, conductive and flashproof pollution of electrical insulators, High voltage electronic connection system and electrical equipment that prevent moisture from entering, prevent corona release and eliminate arc, and can also be used for film removal, waterproof, damping, shockproof, oxidation prevention, etc

◆ suitable for sealing and lubrication between plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, metal and metal

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