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Shanghai Electric fell 0.99%, the lowest in nearly a month, to 5.02 yuan

Tencent securities on November 30. As of press release, Shanghai Electric (601727) fell 0 It accumulated into an average thin layer of 99%, hitting a new low of nearly one waste plastic recycling plant in a few months, reporting 5.02 yuan, with a turnover of 21.16 million yuan, a turnover rate of 0.04%, an amplitude of 1.78%, and a volume ratio of 0.93

in the power supply equipment industry where Shanghai Electric is located, if the gasket needs to be replaced as a whole, the decline is 0.92%. The leading gainer is Jianrui voneng (300116), and the leading loser is yingkerui (300713)

in terms of funds, Shanghai Electric Co., Ltd. has outflows of 3.437 million yuan in the past five days. Until now, the main funds have generally been in a net outflow state, with a net outflow of 4.2731 million yuan

the data of margin trading on the latest trading day (November 29, 2018) of this stock is: the financing balance is 401.2268 million yuan, the margin trading balance is 3.9165 million shares, the financing purchase is 5.088 million yuan, and the financing net purchase is -666900 yuan

the latest third quarter report of 2018 shows that the company achieved an operating revenue of 69.905 billion yuan, a net profit of 2.169 billion yuan, an earnings per share of 0.15 yuan, and a P/E ratio of 25.30

in terms of institutional rating, in the past six months, one securities firm gave suggestions on increasing its holdings and one securities firm gave neutral suggestions

Shanghai Electric mainly built a batch of major projects, such as Meixin and Tianli in Central China, whose business includes new energy and environmental protection equipment, efficient and clean energy equipment, industrial equipment and modern service industry. The latest periodic report shows that the number of shareholders (households) of the company is 307100, a decrease of 4.36% over the previous reporting period

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