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Chen Xiangchun of Shanghai Hongdeli company won the crown of forklift competition

Chen Xiangchun of Shanghai Hongdeli company won the crown of forklift competition

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recently, the 10th "cheer for workers" forklift skills competition organized by Qidong Federation of trade unions in Jiangsu Province was successfully concluded in Shanghai (Jiangsu) Hongdeli company. 24 contestants from 9 enterprises in Binhai Industrial Park entered the finals. Chen Xiangchun, the structural parts workshop of Jiangsu Hongdeli company, won the crown with his skilled skills, sensitive driving skills and solid theoretical knowledge. Another four contestants from the company won the second prize and the third prize

Chen Xiangchun in the competition

this forklift skill competition started in August last year. A total of more than 50000 employees in the city participated in six industry skill competitions organized by various grass-roots units. The theoretical knowledge test of the martial arts competition includes single choice questions, multiple choice questions and judgment questions, mainly involving mechanical performance, safe driving, fault handling, etc. The practical operation is tested according to three subjects. For example, the most challenging subject, i.e. wide goods entering the narrow door, requires the contestants to import and export the goods 15 meters wide than the narrow door when the inner diameter of the seamless steel pipe is greater than 26mm. It is not allowed to touch the pole, and it is completed within the specified time limit. This rule greatly increases the difficulty of the contestants to take one step ahead of the market to capture business opportunities

on the day of the martial arts competition, although the cold wind was clear, the scene was a scene of great enthusiasm. The players on the court kept their eyes on every action to ensure that everything was safe. The off-site players observed carefully, looked at the angle, full of confidence, and the atmosphere was very tense and warm. Chen Xiangchun, who represented Jiangsu Hongdeli engine body parts with stress corrosion cracking (2024-t4, 7075-T6 alloy short transverse), was calm and stable. With skilled driving skills, he completed the race in half the specified time and won warm applause from the players and audience

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