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Shanghai haoying won the title of famous brand enterprise in Shanghai plastics industry. Recently, Shanghai plastics industry association and Shanghai Federation of industry and Commerce plastic industry chamber of Commerce held the second general meeting of the fifth session, which was presided over by President Chen Ming

at the meeting, Secretary General Liu Jianguo made a "summary of the two-year work of Shanghai Plastics Industry Association/Shanghai Federation of industry and Commerce Plastics Industry Chamber of Commerce 201 to open the oil delivery valve" and issued a report on the "2013 work ideas of Shanghai Plastics Industry Association/Shanghai Federation of industry and Commerce Plastics Industry Chamber of Commerce". He pointed out that the Association/Chamber of commerce should play a role as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, further enhance the brand and quality awareness of enterprises, and carry out industry famous and excellent evaluation. At the same time, we will continue to carry out the professional title evaluation of professional and technical personnel in the industry, explore the training of graded workers, promote the construction of enterprise integrity, strengthen the professional and technical exchanges between domestic and foreign peers, strengthen the care and guidance for the work of the special committee and the technical consulting department, and strengthen the self construction of the Party branch and Secretariat of the association

subsequently, in the list of enterprise trademark products (or series) re identified by famous and high-quality brands in Shanghai plastic industry in 2012, Pt series melt pressure sensors registered with haoying graphic trademark of Shanghai haoying measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the nameplate and certificate of "2012 famous and high-quality brands (or enterprises) in Shanghai plastic industry"

Shanghai haoying measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as haoying measurement and control) provides haoying brand sensors, transmitters and automatic control products to meet the needs of industrial fields and process control. The main R & D and production products are composed of 46 series, including pressure sensors, transmitters, automotive pressure sensors, temperature sensors, high-temperature melt pressure sensors, transmitters, melt pressure gauges, blasting switches, pressure calibration instruments, temperature control instruments, intelligent digital pressure instruments and automatic complete control systems. We strive to innovate and adhere to the concept of high quality and integrity, Strive to develop into a world-renowned sensing and control group enterprise

service field

haoying measurement and control is committed to the continuous improvement and development of productivity and manufacturing industry. This ability to control pressure and temperature in the industrial field is crucial to continuously improve productivity and manufacture high-quality products. Our design concept must maintain its predictability, sustainability and repeatability. In the rapidly changing industrial field, haoying measurement and control devotes itself to the development of industrial automation and production through the continuous improvement of design and production process control equipment. Haoying measurement and control makes a commitment to meet the needs of today's diverse manufacturing field, as shown by the latest data released by the American Plastics Industry Association

haoying is also an ideal material for manufacturing automobile dashboard. The measurement and control headquarters is located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. In order to emphasize our commitment to quality and reputation, all R & D and production processes of haoying measurement and control ensure that they meet and have the certification of EU CE certification and ISO9001:2000 international quality management standard

customer resources

haoying measurement and control's customers include Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, comprehensive departments, distributors and other different market needs related to manufacturing and industry. Haoying measurement and control products are used for a variety of industrial process control needs, mainly including: plastic machinery, chemical fiber machinery, petrochemical industry, water treatment engineering, power plants, aerospace, air compression machinery, air conditioners, automobiles, plastics, packaging. Medical, electronic, chemical, rubber, textile and food packaging applications. All our customers have a common need, that is, to obtain reliable products from reliable companies. Our products have been successfully applied in many industrial fields in more than 20 countries, such as Italy, the United States, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Japan, Australia, etc., which proves that we have reliable products and high-quality services

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