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Craftsman's products: Mountain reconstruction machine 921d excavator detailed explanation

craftsman's products: Mountain reconstruction machine 921d excavator detailed explanation

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mountain reconstruction machine R & D and trial production of 921d excavator adopts Weichai WP7 engine, mountain reconstruction machine independent electronic control system, mountain push chassis parts, and is the representative of high-quality products in the strategic coordination of the group

mountain reconstruction machine 921d excavator

this model adopts Weichai WP7 engine, which meets the national three emission standards, with lower fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, and convenient maintenance. Three stage fuel filtration can effectively improve the service life of the engine. Low vibration, low noise and stronger adaptability to working conditions

assembly process

detailed introduction:

1 Power system: Weichai environment-friendly low emission EFI engine WP7, six cylinder in-line, water-cooled, rated power 116kw, rated speed 200, will be used. At that time, many heavyweight guests will discuss hot topics at the carbon fiber and composite forum, 0r/min, the maximum output torque 630n • m, in line with the third stage of domestic emission standards, energy conservation and environmental protection, low noise, strong power, and strong plateau adaptability

2. Hydraulic system: load sensitive system, electromagnetic proportional control and hydraulic constant power control are adopted to minimize flow loss and system heating

3. Chassis parts: chain pulleys, driving wheels, idlers, crawlers, and rollers all adopt Shantui chassis parts

4. Structural parts: the boom and stick adopt box structure; Bucket capacity 0.9 cubic meters; Reinforced rotary platform; The crawler frame adopts X-shaped structure and forged slewing bearing seat

5. Electrical system: adopt self-developed mechatronic intelligent electric control system, with embedded GPS module and GPRS module to enhance the disassembly resistance, ensure the safety of the machine and reduce the cost; The new throttle controller is used for throttle control, which is fast and accurate; The system reserves signal acquisition and signal input ports, with strong port expansion capability; Increase power control points and set auto mode to reduce the difficulty of machine operation; Add the automatic control crushing hammer mode, which is a refined operation mode, so that the engine is always at the best working point (energy-saving point)

6. Covering parts: streamlined shape design, coordinated collocation of color and pattern, and overall coordination and unity of integral counterweight and large opening upper cover, left and right side doors, cab, structural parts, etc; Improve the interior quality of the cab and equip it with automatic cooling and heating air conditioning

7. Comfort: the engine mounting position is optimized, and the vibration isolation rate can be improved by changing the active phase in sequence; Silicon oil spring shock absorber is used in the cab, which has low stiffness and high vibration and impact absorption performance; According to ergonomics, please use additional power supply to control the test sample power supply in the cab. Please use the decoration layout and color matching; The precise matching between the main pump and the main valve improves the driver's handling comfort

technical parameters:

technical parameters of 921d excavator of mountain reconstruction machine

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