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Recently, it was exclusively learned from the relevant departments of the Shanghai municipal government that an original "photothermal" technology, which poured the support of Shanghai's top management and the strength of returnees, has been recognized by the relevant national ministries and commissions and is being tested on the southern island

once this new energy technology, which is completely different from Wuxi Suntech technology, is put into production, it is considered by Shanghai that it may trigger a new round of changes in the new energy industry

previously, Shanghai took urgent action in 2009 to introduce new energy enterprise R & D and headquarters to Shanghai on a large scale, which has made great progress

now, Shanghai is trying to take the path of both photothermal and photovoltaic technology. The impetus for this progress stems from Shanghai's attempt to drive the development of new energy industry through application

new strategy: the senior management personally promotes it secretly

since 2009, Shanghai has been secretly promoting a huge photothermal project. Now, it has entered the trial operation stage

according to our newspaper, this is a big project personally promoted by Shanghai senior management. At an internal meeting of Shanghai new energy in April 2009, Shanghai senior management found this project

a returnee returned to Shanghai with technology, saying that he could reduce the power generation price to "0.21 yuan/kWh", and the photoelectric forwarding rate of the battery reached 80%

despite doubts, Shanghai decided to try, and the Shanghai senior management appointed Zhangjiang group to invest 30million quickly to promote the preliminary work of the project

the data shows that at present, the solar energy industry is mainly photovoltaic and other industries, but photovoltaic has the characteristics of heavy pollution, raw materials outside and high prices, and low light conversion rate. In order to overcome the problems of the construction link

however, light and heat have no such characteristics, no pollution, "and light and heat energy are stored", while electricity cannot be stored

now, according to our newspaper, this technology is developed in Shanghai, but it is produced in Changzhou, Jiangsu, and is being piloted in a southern province

according to people close to the project, the technology of the project has passed the review and test of the Ministry of science and technology and other departments, and leaders at the national level have also inspected the project

according to reliable sources, the large-scale trial operation of the project has been carried out in April 2011. Once it is successful, it can be promoted, and the application scale is huge, which will greatly stimulate the development of Shanghai's new energy industry

some provinces have "greeted" Shanghai, hoping to launch large-scale expansion in the other side after the operation, and Shanghai has also preliminarily agreed

however, according to our newspaper, this technology needs sufficient light sources, so it can only be operated in places such as Tibet and Inner Mongolia

this newspaper interviewed the relevant science and technology departments in Shanghai, and the other party also had great expectations for this technology

new tactics: Shanghai solar thermal and photovoltaic technology go hand in hand

photothermal technology gives Shanghai greater hope for the development of new energy

in fact, solar power generation is divided into solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. Companies such as Wuxi Suntech adopt the latter technology

according to insiders, the academic community has not yet reached a conclusion on the development direction of solar energy technology, but Wuxi Suntech's photovoltaic technology has been successful

"this does not mean that photothermal technology is not good. However, due to huge investment and technical constraints, ordinary places dare not enter the photothermal field. Shanghai is very bold to do so this time." The insider said

"some old production lines in Wuxi Suntech have stopped." An official in Shanghai said a reason in his view "don't blindly catch up with photovoltaic new energy" with an indescribable expression

the official believes that "the best technology" should be used in the new energy industry, but he is not clear about what is the best technology

photothermal may be one of them. Shanghai is trying to find a new way to find new new energy technologies

back in those days, Shanghai didn't retain Shi Zhengrong. Now, the returnees in charge of the above-mentioned solar thermal project have been found by Shanghai and have not been lost to "Jiangsu and Zhejiang"

however, this does not mean that Shanghai will no longer continue to move forward in the photovoltaic field

according to this newspaper, Shanghai has invited Wuxi Suntech Shi Zhengrong to invest under the "promotion" of different light sources, and Suntech projects have been settled in Shanghai

photovoltaic technology also has great prospects. What the above official doesn't know is that according to our newspaper, Suntech may recently establish a new production base in the nearby Nantong Xitong Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province

on the one hand, it is "shutdown" and on the other hand, it is a new base. In fact, this is just a conventional practice of Suntech's production line upgrading

in addition to Suntech, Shanghai is vigorously attracting various photovoltaic enterprises to invest in Shanghai, trying to bring R & D institutions of new energy enterprises in other provinces and cities to Shanghai

previously, in 2009, Shanghai's top management had twice organized meetings and successively invited a number of new energy enterprises to invest in Shanghai

it is understood that some large new energy enterprises, including Hebei and Jiangsu Linyang, have set up some R & D centers in Shanghai

cailonghai, deputy director of the science and Technology Commission of Pudong New Area, once told this newspaper that Nanhui Industrial Park has focused on new energy, "many new energy enterprises have come"

photothermal technology and photovoltaic technology may start and advance in Shanghai

how to "Nirvana"? Market application drives industrial development

although photothermal technology was developed in Shanghai, it was piloted in a place in the south, because of the relative lack of lighting conditions in Shanghai

however, Shanghai tries to use the huge market to develop the new energy industry. In addition to introducing new energy enterprises, it finds that its fundamental advantage lies in the market and uses the market to attract enterprises to invest in Shanghai

according to insiders, Shanghai began to prepare to introduce foreign investors through market applications in the second half of 2009, but the progress was not fast

the major airports, transportation hubs and other projects all over Shanghai are in great demand for new energy such as solar energy, which is only the first step in the industry competition in the years after the development of instrumentation

the first project is the application project of the famous Hongqiao hub, such as the organic combination of solar energy utilization facilities and buildings, and the planning and construction of a large-scale solar photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the West freight station of Hongqiao Airport

it is understood that due to different views on various aspects of the project, such as "affecting aircraft flight", some engineering contraction experiments have made slow progress

the promotion in other fields is also slow, and there is no large-scale promotion. At present, it is mainly photovoltaic power generation demonstration, such as Chongming, Nanhui, Minhang and other places have some demonstration projects

in addition, there is no large-scale promotion in public works, "mainly involving subsidies. Without subsidies, there will be no application"

at that time, it was pointed out that if Shanghai allocated 10 billion yuan to subsidize the installed capacity of 100million watts (100 MW) of solar energy every year, it would certainly promote the solar energy industry in Shanghai sufficiently

however, in Shanghai, where fiscal expenditure is tight, it is often worrying to spend so much money a year

this led to a temporary setback in the idea of driving industrial development through application

how can Shanghai's new energy industry achieve Nirvana? Obviously, it is not just a "light and heat" project that can drive, but the market application may play a greater role in promoting

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