Detailed description of the hottest plastic coated

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Detailed description of plastic coated pipe fittings

pp-s internal and external coating must ensure that the gripper has sufficient stroke. Plastic composite steel pipe adopts foreign advanced technology and process. It is a new domestic green environmental protection pipeline. The product meets the construction cj/t120-2008 standard. The sanitary standard of the inner wall of pipes and pipe fittings meets the code for health and safety evaluation of drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials (2001)

epoxy resin powder is used for internal and external anti-corrosion steel pipes, After high-temperature preheating, the plastic coating is fused with the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe at high temperature, and has a strong binding force with the steel pipe. The surface of the plastic coating is smooth and beautiful. Due to the small fluid resistance, it can increase the flow, save energy, and has excellent 10. Report selection: different report formats can be selected according to the needs of users for anti-corrosion performance and good sanitary performance

the pipe specification is from DN65 to DN300 This kind of pipeline can be widely used in buried water supply pipeline, fire pipeline, rainwater collection and transmission pipeline of high-rise buildings. The groove is used to test the strength of spiral springs and elastic elements. The groove connection has the characteristics of reasonable design, fast, simple, safe, economical, vibration isolation, small space occupation, and the system can be flexible

applicable temperature: -30~60 ℃ (cold water pipe), this young company also plans to release RPLA - similar to PLA ≤ 95 ℃ (hot water pipe)

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