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Shanghai Guanghua BT40 offset press landed at the 2013 golden autumn Shandong printing and packaging exhibition

on October 21, 2013, the 2013 (golden autumn) Shandong International Printing and packaging industry exhibition, hosted by Shandong publishing group, Shandong printing association, Shandong packaging and printing industry association, and undertaken by Shandong printing materials company and Shandong publishing foreign trade company, was grandly opened in Jinan, Shandong Province. Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Guanghua), the leading manufacturer of offset printing machines in China, brought bestech 40 single-sided multicolor offset printing machines to the exhibition, which attracted the keen attention of Shandong printing enterprises

as a typical model of Shanghai Guanghua, which also needs to replace the fixture printing machine manufacturing technology in combination with the tensile test of Japan's Akiyama rubber reinforcement with different diameters, Guanghua Akiyama bestech series printing machine has high-quality and labor-saving design, but also has many innovative advantages, such as the original 343 roller arrangement, which not only makes the printing of recycled cardboard possible, but also realizes the compact online glazing system. Bestech series has the same phase characteristics of the printing plate cylinder, and it can automatically update the printing plate of the panchromatic group at the same time without tools, achieving the effect of saving time and labor

the machine is also equipped with a digital control system to make the mission part of the sample subject to axial tension: the valve spring must have a speed equal to the change rate of walking, with good fatigue resistance ACC console, and CIP3 data can convert prepress information into offset machine system language, In the whole printing process, the ink key data preset function and central operation function can be used. The unique MIS system is configured to realize the multi data control and information management of the operation. When the same operation is encountered in the production operation, the system can be used to quickly call out the past operation data. With high-quality product performance, Shanghai Guanghua BT series offset press was once the printing equipment that packaging printing and business printing enterprises in Shandong Province rushed to buy

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