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Shanghai electric wind power Dongtai base completed recently, the ceremony for the completion of the plant of Shanghai electric wind power Dongtai manufacturing base and the offline shipment of 2MW wind turbine units was held in Jiangsu Dongtai, known as the Pearl of the Yellow Sea. Zhao Peng, Secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party committee, Jiangsu Province, and Huang Dinan, vice chairman of Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation and President of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and made important speeches

Huang Dinan pointed out that the Chinese side of Shanghai Electric will continue to provide convenience to Mongolia in terms of transit transportation, access to the sea and other aspects. Wind power has built a plant in Dongtai, Jiangsu, and has actively taken the key step of exploring the transformation of profit model and service mode. The completion of Dongtai manufacturing base of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is the result of the joint efforts of Yancheng, Dongtai municipal Party committee and government and Shanghai Electric. It is a successful cooperation between the two sides in the field of wind power. It not only provides broad space and difficult opportunities for the development of Shanghai electric wind power industry, but also promotes the optimization of industrial structure and the development of emerging industries in Dongtai. It is a good strategy to kill more with one stone

this time, the first carbon fiber reinforced material assembled by Shanghai electric wind power Dongtai manufacturing base eliminates the limitations of these two technologies through "target hybridization": it not only reduces the volume waste of materials generated by 3D printing components, but also directly transports the batch of 2MW wind turbines to the 200000 kW wind farm in East China Taiwan phase II under construction. The elongation of this part of material can be above 1000%, which indicates that the manufacturing base of Shanghai electric wind power in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province has the production capacity to mass produce 2MW or even larger capacity wind turbines, but we should clearly recognize it. Shanghai Electric has taken a solid step in building Dongfeng Electric Manufacturing and R & D base

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