Detailed description of wear-resistant electrode u

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Detailed description of industrial application of wear-resistant electrode

current amplitude a working temperature 360 ℃

length 350/400/500 mm welding current 200 large capacity lithium-ion battery has been tried in electric vehicles a

core diameter 3.2/4.0/5.0 mm diameter 3.2/4.0/5.0 mm

material high chromium type surfacing welding rod

model d698

high chromium tungsten vanadium cast iron surfacing welding rod produced by our factory; High chromium is mainly used as the base material, and some tungsten molybdenum vanadium and other elements are added to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. Adopting new formula, the combination is more scientific, improving the hardness of welding layer and reducing the tendency of crack. The macro hardness can reach HR Inner Mongolia C (60-65), with high chromium content, thermal corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, good wear resistance of wear-resistant particles, and certain impact resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used in mines, building materials and mechanical parts. For example, the cutter of the brick making machine, the counter roll, and the bucket teeth of the electric shovel should be deeply remembered. This day, the pump sleeve, the middle groove of the coal conveyor, the hammer of the crusher, the bell of the blast furnace, the bottom plate of the furnace, etc. Production process: carbon steel welding core, graphite type coating, coating alloying form application: has certain impact resistance, wear-resistant particles,. Such as brick making machine cutter, counter roll, electric shovel bucket tooth, pump sleeve, middle slot of coal conveyor, crusher hammer, blast furnace material

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