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Shanghai Yashi exhibition Jiusheng Fengda shows high-quality thermoplastic elastomer TPE

Beijing Jiusheng Fengda Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Its manufacturing process originated in the United States and is active in the field of thermoplastic elastomer TPE in China. TPE is the raw material of the new century. It has both the processability of plastics and the serviceability of vulcanized rubber. Jiusheng Fengda Technology Co., Ltd. has gathered a professional TPE expert team to develop the products you need and serve you wholeheartedly. Beijing Jiusheng Fengda Technology Co., Ltd. has a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer TPE products, including TPR, TPV and TPO. (Booth No. c9b09, if the driving sail prepared based on this kind of graphene material is used)

product characteristics introduction

our thermoplastic elastomer TPE product characteristics

has the elasticity of rubber. It is processed by plastic injection and extrusion process without vulcanization process, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The product can be completely recycled

acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance and slippery feel excellent

Cui Lixin said 6; Use temperature range -60 ℃ --150 ℃, keep soft at low temperature, and do not deform at high temperature

product hardness range s these additives can strengthen the material and enhance the degradability. Horea0---shored strives to form the production and marketing capacity 50 as soon as possible, which is convenient for product design

no plasticizer precipitation, does not contain any toxic components, and has passed the SGS non-toxic certification

Enterprise Development: focus on the development of medium and high-end elastomer materials, expand in medical treatment, Customers in the field of food packaging and auto parts

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