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Shanghai Hengyi is about to launch two types of testing equipment

as enterprises attach importance to product quality and increasingly strict requirements on product packaging, enterprises hope to implement accurate testing on products on the production line, so that foreign bodies and defective products mixed in products can be removed in time to ensure that all products are perfect. Now, Shanghai Hengyi Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on its own scientific and technological strength, and after years of painstaking research, it is about to launch "X-ray defect detector" and "yi-b visible foreign body detector"

"X-ray defect detector" material testing machine is widely used in the relevant laboratories of industrial departments such as machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc. it can scan the items in the packages that cannot be felt by the naked eye one by one through X-ray, and process and store various data through humanized images, It can well promote 47.34% year-on-year detection and screening of particles, defects, empty capsules or magnetic and non-magnetic foreign matters (such as stone, glass debris, plastic, hard rubber) in double aluminum, aluminum plastic and food packaging materials in the pharmaceutical industry. The equipment can be used alone or online with other equipment. It is a necessary equipment for product safety and quality assurance system

"yi-b visible foreign body detector" is specially designed to meet the needs of foreign body detection for injection. It can be used to detect foreign bodies in sterile powder for injection, sterile API, eye drops and similar products after pendulum heat treatment of automatic impact testing machine for injection. The instrument adopts the detection principle of light scattering method. The experiment proves that it meets the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China for the detection method, and can fully meet the needs of the drug inspection industry and pharmaceutical enterprises for product detection. Mechanized control greatly reduces the influence of human factors in lamp inspection, and can detect foreign matters (particles) that are difficult to see and distinguish with the naked eye. It is also competent for colored containers or varieties with darker liquid color. The fully automatic and high-performance 75mm detection and processing capacity makes the experimental results more reasonable and accurate

"yi-b visible foreign matter detector" can set different detection limits by users to meet different needs of users; It can carry out automatic calibration and calibration, and eliminate the drift deviation of various components in the instrument; The instrument with high resolution and sensitivity can detect ampoules of different specifications from 2ml to 20ml

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