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Shanghai electric valve cippe 2016 has no product exhibition, and it still attracts countless attention.

from March 29 to 31, the world's annual world petroleum equipment event cippe 2016 was grandly held in Beijing. As the highest level exhibition, "hidden dragons and crouching tigers" gathered more than 2000 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions. In an endless stream of people, Shanghai Electric Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sNJ") held cippe 2016 in Beijing from March 29 to 31. As the highest level exhibition, "hidden dragons and crouching tigers" gathered more than 2000 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions. Among the endless crowd, the booth of Shanghai Electric Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sNJ") was very "special", Although it did not display any products, it did not affect "popularity" at all, and was surrounded by the audience who came to consult

specialized and refined

in the 1950s, sNJ's predecessor was a Shanghai pipeline valve company. In 1991, it became a joint venture of Shanghai Niles jamesbury Valve Co., Ltd. Two years ago, Shanghai Electric Group acquired foreign funds and made the current Shanghai Electric Valve Co., Ltd. through full shareholding and restructuring. At present, it is the only state-owned wholly-owned valve enterprise in China

the long history of stable and reliable evolution in product supply, quality, transportation, storage, etc. what has changed is the company name and system, and what remains unchanged is sNJ's professionalism and authority in the industry. In the face of the market situation of about 3000 to 5000 large-scale valve enterprises in China, sNJ clearly positioned its target market, simplified the types of valves, focused on the production of ball valves and butterfly valves, and made it to the extreme. At present, with advanced valve design, manufacturing technology and application achievements that have been tested by major projects at home and abroad, it has become the leader of China's valve industry, going international, and helping with major projects such as the "west to East Gas Pipeline Project", "Central Asia pipeline" and "Moda line" side by side with international brands

refined and strong

it is precisely supported by the belief that "ball valves and butterfly valves should be made to the extreme", sNJ has been committed to technical research and exploration to improve product performance. In October 2015, the 56 inch 900 pound all welded ball valve jointly developed by sNJ and PetroChina western pipeline company passed the factory appraisal, marking the development of localization of key equipment of oil and gas pipelines in China to a new stage

in this exhibition, sNJ wanted to show the high-pressure large-diameter all welded ball valve. However, the volume of the valve was too large to bring the product to the scene. Ms. zhouyuhong, the general manager, had to describe the performance of the new product to the audience

"This new valve adopts advanced design methods and manufacturing processes, which is the first in many applications. For example, two independent main welds are arranged in the non stress concentration area of the spherical shell; the wrc107 bulletin method is used to calculate the strength of the valve body under the combined action of valve operating force, external load of the pipeline and internal pressure, etc. in view of the quality problem of residual deformation of the imported sealed valve seat, we have applied the Latin American formula of elasticity to solve the valve The instability calculation problem of the seat. " The application of these high-tech contents made the all welded ball valve quickly become the "new favorite" of the valve market, and won the title of "2015 China's top ten excellent performance products of energy equipment"

President Zhou said that in order to improve the manufacturing capacity of the new valve, sNJ invested 51million yuan to expand the plant by 4000 square meters, And equipped with advanced, can test to 60 "New equipment such as testing machine, processing machine tool, automatic shot blasting equipment, robot automatic welding machine, narrow gap seam automatic tracking submerged arc welding machine, surface finishing equipment, spraying, etc. have created a modern large-diameter valve manufacturing workshop.

insiders believe that the production of sNJ new plant will greatly improve the design, development, testing and manufacturing capacity of domestic high-pressure large-diameter all welded ball valves, and increase future participation." The bidding weight of large-scale pipeline construction projects at home and abroad has made new contributions to the safety and reliability of national energy construction

after listening to the introduction, the audience showed great interest in this ball valve. Mr. Yang said, "it's a pity that it can't be damaged because of this; when you see the 'real body', you have to take the data home for research."

as the valve supplier with the largest diameter and pressure in the world at present, sNJ has not stopped pursuing higher development. At present, the company is developing new series of regulating valves and low-temperature ball butterfly valves to occupy more market share; While exploring the application fields of metallurgy, iron and steel, shipbuilding and so on, in response to the national "the Belt and Road" development policy

President Zhou said, "as a high-quality valve supplier, sNJ always insists that products and technologies must be high-end and lead the industry. Only such products can occupy a place in the domestic and foreign markets and make the label of high quality confident."

about cippe 2016

China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe), as the world's annual world petroleum equipment event, has been certified by the international exhibition alliance UFI to discover the parts that cause faults, and is the world's highest level exhibition. Cippe 2016 gathered 46 world top 500 enterprises including Honeywell, e + H and Rockwell, and 18 international exhibition groups including the United States, Britain and France, with 80000 professional visitors and an exhibition area of 100000 square meters. It is expected to be the largest oil exhibition in the world at present

this year, the sponsor specially set up seven theme sections, including petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment, shale gas technology and equipment, offshore oil and natural gas technology and equipment, pipeline and storage and transportation technology and equipment, explosion-proof instruments and meters. International well-known brand enterprises such as spesak, Mack sensor, Shanghai conbilly, etc. gathered together to stage a "big show" in the petrochemical industry

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