Door frame decoration skills you must understand

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In general home decoration, the door frame is generally the same color as the skirting line, and there are also door frames and doors with the same color; As for doors, door frames and skirting lines, it is generally not recommended to jump too much in the color matching of these three, and it is better to choose a uniform or similar color; Try to avoid the situation that the color difference is too far (even the opposite color), otherwise it is easy to pretend to be a failure

now let's share some cases of door frame matching in other people's homes, you can refer to and learn

first, the similar color between the door and the door frame

the similar color between the door and the door frame is the choice of most family decoration. This kind of decoration is relatively simple and generous, the overall visual sense is harmonious and unified, and it is easy to control the collocation of colors

second, the opposite color between the door and the door frame

relatively speaking, the color of the door and the door frame is quite different, which is the decoration of some strong individual homeowners, who pursue some bold attempts that others dare not do, and hope to be different from their own; For ordinary families, Xiaoyun is not recommended to do that. If it is not easy to control the color matching, it is easy to make mistakes





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