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On the 26th day of August 2017, on a sunny day, a flagship store was grandly opened in Zunyi, Guizhou

"this is not Victoria Secret, there is no fashionable French underwear; this is not a high-end restaurant; there is no favorite terrace table of hyaluronic acid face, there is only endless glory and ordinary life." The clerk at the scene told the reporter, Xiao Fei

it is understood that this is the opening site of Feiyu doors and windows flagship store in Zunyi, Guizhou. Customers can feel a new decoration style, beautiful and fashionable products and the most sincere service here. A sliding door, a casement window, or a set of hanging doors are full of rich family atmosphere of doors and windows

the reporter observed that although the weather gradually turned cooler in August, it still failed to cool the enthusiasm of the staff in the store. At the opening site, every store staff was energetic and radiant, and faced every customer with the best mental outlook. This enthusiasm seemed to ignite this autumn. Zunyi flagship store manager told reporters: "our upgraded opening is less than a year since we joined Feiyu last year, and our achievements are remarkable, which makes us feel that the time is getting faster." After that, the store manager's face in his twenties smiled a little wrinkled

it is understood that Wang Qi, a flagship store dealer in Zunyi, Guizhou, is a visionary and maverick fighter. He has been fighting in the building materials industry before, and once acted as an agent for a flooring business. In September 2016, after a long investigation and research, Wang Qi, who had a comprehensive understanding of Feiyu doors and windows, decided to become the dealer of Feiyu doors and windows after careful consideration

Wang Qi's first Feiyu door and window store opened soon, with only more than 80 square meters of storefront containing explosive power. From September 2016 to August 2017, the direct income brought by the old store strengthened Wang Qi's ability to keep up with the development of Feiyu, and Zunyi flagship store was born

the Zunyi flagship store of Feiyu doors and windows is located in the incredibly home, with a store area of 500 square meters, which can be called the largest store in the franchise store of Feiyu doors and windows that has been opened at present. In addition to the luxurious store, the 25 person marketing team can not be underestimated. Everyone stands out from the elite. Everyone performs their respective duties. Good team division and professional work quality together form today's Zunyi flagship store

unlike previous franchised stores, Zunyi flagship store has made a systematic upgrade in decoration style, while adding a lot of interest and affinity to the people in details. Doors and windows are an indispensable part of a family. The refreshing and bright environment of the exclusive store tells every customer that here will be your regretless choice! Clean and fresh storefront, high-quality products, spirited team... Combine all excellent elements, and finally become the flagship store in Zunyi, Guizhou

congratulations on the grand opening of Feiyu doors and windows Zunyi flagship store

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