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Some household gods publicize some self-made methods to verify product quality or household environmental protection indicators to netizens. Are these self-test methods that are reasonable and steal the spotlight of professional institutions reliable? In this regard, we invite experts to point out the maze for the owners

some household gods publicize some self created methods to verify product quality or household environmental protection indicators to netizens. Are these self-test methods that are reasonable and steal the spotlight of professional institutions reliable? In this regard, we invite experts to point out the maze for the owners

recently, the reporter found that many owners have started self inspection experiments on floor quality. Some soaked the floor samples in water for more than 30 days, and some damaged the surface of the floor samples to check the substrate. Are these seemingly extreme and violent self checking methods really useful? Please see the experts' analysis one by one

self inspection method 1

damage the finish of the floor sample with a kitchen knife and expose the substrate inside. Household God said that the color of the base material should be log color, too white is after rinsing, too black means there are too many impurities

expert comments: what should be the color of logs? There are many tree species as the base material, and their colors are very different. Which is too white and which is too black can not be used as the basis to distinguish the quality of the base material

self inspection method 2

drip water on the substrate and let it stand for a period of time. It is found that some substrates will completely suck in the water, while some remain the same. This shows that the density of the substrate with constant water droplets is high, while the texture of the substrate that absorbs water quickly is loose

expert comments: in this experiment, the speed of water absorption is not directly related to the density of the substrate, but only related to the water absorption of the substrate

self inspection method 3

after soaking the floor sample in water for a period of time, some sample solutions will become darker, which indicates that there are many impurities in the floor, which is not a high-quality product

expert comments: due to the different tree species of the substrate, the color of the solution may be different after soaking. For example, the north will use deciduous wood as the base material, and the color of these trees will be darker; In the south, materials such as poplar and pine will be used, and the color is relatively light. Therefore, using this method to infer product quality simply does not hold water

self inspection method 4

some samples will sink after soaking for a period of time, indicating that the product quality is not good and it is too absorbent

expert comments: this does mean that the sample floor is relatively absorbent, but the purchase of the floor depends on the comprehensive indicators. When other indicators are the same, laminate products with low formaldehyde content have poor water resistance. On the contrary, those with high formaldehyde content have slightly stronger water resistance

self inspection method 5

immerse the floor sample in water (35 days) and detect the expansion coefficient of each sample. The more expansion, the looser the interior, and the worse the stability. Then, the samples will be dried, and those with poor quality will be warped and broken. Superior products will return to the state close to that before immersion

expert comments: this experiment is meaningless at all. In the national standard, the detection requirement for the water absorption expansion coefficient of laminate floor is to soak for 24 hours and ensure the temperature at 20 ℃ ± 2 ℃, and the water absorption expansion rate is less than 18%. The test is beyond the acceptable range of the normal floor, so the results are not worth adopting

self inspection method 6

make the sample sawdust and soak it in hot water for a while. If you smell a pungent smell, it means that the formaldehyde on the floor exceeds the standard; Smelling wood is a good floor for environmental protection

expert comments: there is a pungent smell, which may indeed be formaldehyde. However, to judge whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, the test report shall prevail

self inspection method 7

scrape the floor surface back and forth with the anti-theft door key for several times, and there is no obvious trace on the floor surface, which proves that the wear-resistant layer of the floor is very thick, so there is no need to worry about the scratch problem in use in the future

expert comments: the national standard has a test item for the scratch resistance of the floor surface. The scratch resistance test shows that the substrate density of the floor is large, which proves that the scratch resistance of the floor is good to some extent, but this does not prove that other physical and chemical conditions such as the abrasion resistance of the floor are also qualified

this kind of experiment is best to do a comparative experiment between several floors at the same level, and use the same strength test to explain the problem. In addition, even if the product is scratched with a key without scratches, it cannot be proved that it can be reckless in future use

self inspection method 8

pour some water into the seam of the two assembled floors. After a while, it was found that the water did not infiltrate. Separate the two floors and found that there was no water trace in the floor trough. This proves that the water resistance of the floor is very good

expert comments: the national standard also has relevant provisions on the water resistance of the floor. Doing this kind of experiment can prove that the water resistance of the floor is relatively good to a certain extent &mdash& mdash; If the floor absorbs water, expands or even deforms quickly after contacting with water, it indicates that its water resistance is relatively poor. However, this kind of experiment must be carried out between floors with the same environmental protection level, and the results can be of reference value

products with high environmental protection grade will have relatively poor water resistance. Because the laminate substrate needs to use formaldehyde in the bonding process, and the amount of formaldehyde will affect the substrate density. Therefore, products with high environmental protection grade have slightly poor water resistance due to low formaldehyde content and slightly loose substrate. Therefore, compared with E0 grade products, E1 grade products have poor environmental protection performance, but their water resistance performance will be better than the latter

self inspection method 9

writing on the floor surface with a pen and then wiping it off with a wet cloth can prove that the floor has good stain resistance

expert comments: this performance is clearly specified in the national standard. For example, if there are some pores on the surface of some floors, causing the floor to be dirty and unclean, the anti pollution performance of the floor will be unqualified. But a few strokes on the floor with a pen cannot prove how good the antifouling effect of the floor is. If you want to do this experiment, consumers can repeatedly wipe the sample floor very dirty with a dirty rag, and then wipe it again with a clean rag the next day to see if it can be wiped clean. A certain amount of cleaning indicates that the anti pollution ability of the floor is qualified

>& gt; Expert opinion: attention should be paid to the comprehensive indicators

Wang Jun, an expert member of China Forest Products Industry Association, suggested that consumers should comprehensively consider their comprehensive indicators when choosing flooring. Not a few performances are good, and the flooring is even qualified. In fact, consumers don't need to spend a lot of time doing various experiments. When buying, they just need to ask for the recent test report of the product and understand the comprehensive situation of the product. In addition, Wang Jun also reminded that a return visit to the recent customers of the business is the most direct and effective way to understand the product situation. Consumers can decide whether to buy after comprehensive understanding

in addition, purchase is only the first step, and correct installation, reasonable use and maintenance are also essential. Many disputes over flooring are caused by improper installation or use. For example, moisture-proof measures must be taken during installation. In addition, consumers should use and maintain the floor in strict accordance with the product instructions. For example, the indoor humidity should be controlled between 50% and 80% to prevent the floor from deformation, and the mop without dripping water should be used when cleaning




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