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With the rise of the real estate industry, the door and window industry has ushered in the spring of development. More and more door and window brands have joined it. There is competition in the market. Many and miscellaneous, many and disorderly, many businesses trade inferior goods for profit, and use us to covet small and cheap goods to flow into the market and enter people's families, which also leads to frequent quality problems

the quality of doors and windows has not been paid attention to by the people. Many consumers tend to prefer cheap doors and windows that seem to be cost-effective in their choice of doors and windows. But most of these so-called "cheap and easy-to-use" doors and windows are neither cheap nor easy to use relative to the cost. Behind these inferior doors and windows, there are often major potential safety hazards

in the news in the newspaper, there are often situations such as doors and windows falling and injuring vehicles and pedestrians, children at home accidentally falling out of doors and windows, doors and windows cracking and scratching their families in winter or summer. Behind this kind of negative news about doors and windows, what is ultimately linked is the quality of doors and windows, Jerry built workmanship, and the householder's greed for cheap and caused great disaster. Why do such news happen frequently? Is it the owner's carelessness or the door and window manufacturer's irresponsibility

maybe the owner's negligence and greed are responsible, but the greater responsibility must be the inferior doors and windows produced by the door and window manufacturers. The doors and windows of big brand door and window manufacturers have been strictly inspected by the state. Ensure the safety of doors and windows to a great extent

however, some small door and window factories cannot meet these requirements, not only in terms of profile quality and materials, but also in terms of workmanship. Moreover, due to the imperfect equipment for the processing of profiles by door and window manufacturers, the materials that should be cut and pressed by special processes actually choose to be sawn, which has no process at all, which has a serious impact on the quality and safety of aluminum profiles. If there is no false publicity, the product quality and product price should be truly digitized to a specific cost-effective value

inferior doors and windows are not only easy to hurt families, but also cause sudden disasters to innocent passers-by, resulting in disputes and huge debts. Maybe choose Weidun doors and windows at the beginning. For you who buy doors and windows, it only costs a little more money, but in the long run, this money will not only exempt you from huge compensation in the later stage, but also give you and your family more peace of mind. How to choose depends on how you look at these issues


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