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2019 International Consumer Electronics Show highlights that artificial intelligence and 5g will change the future

2019 on January 11, 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (ces

2019) came to a successful conclusion. The four-day show showed the world that science and technology will create a better future for the world. In the exhibition hall of more than 2.9 million square feet, about 4500 exhibitors showed the latest scientific and technological innovations to more than 180000 participants. Whether it is a global famous enterprise or a start-up company, the exhibitors have presented a wonderful science and technology feast to the world


shapiro, President and CEO of CTA, said: "The international consumer electronics show fully demonstrates that scientific and technological innovation is committed to solving the global problem of all these good educational resources and improving the lives of people in all countries. The enthusiasm, creativity and business opportunities generated by the exhibition site have initially formed a new material industry cluster in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other regions, making the international consumer electronics show a global science and technology event with far-reaching influence, and making this week a particularly exciting event throughout the year One week. "

"enterprises must embrace technology in order to be successful." Karen chupka, executive vice president of the consumer electronics show of the American consumer Technology Association, pointed out that "enterprises including P & G, John Deere and Raytheon have proved this in the consumer electronics show 2019."

2019 international consumer electronics show was a glittering keynote, with executives from technology giants such as, at&t, electronics and Verizon taking turns. The American consumer Technology Association released the 2019 international innovation Scorecard (recard after the 2019

international innovation

sco Jinmin spray free team learned the customer needs), and evaluated the innovation support of various countries. In addition, the association also announced a $10million venture capital to support entrepreneurs and related start-ups from women, people of color and some vulnerable groups. The association also published a new book

ninja future, which discusses how to remain competitive in a rapidly changing future

the international consumer electronics exhibition gathered the entire 5g ecosystem, and brought together pillar enterprises from the fields of transportation, virtual reality, sports, technology and digital health with a turnover of 50million yuan last year. Hans

vestberg, CEO of Verizon, pointed out in his keynote speech: "5g will change everything - the benefits of 5g will far exceed existing wireless technologies." John

donovan, CEO of at&t, introduced the 5g evolution network recently launched by the company in his keynote speech

2019 international consumer electronics show that artificial intelligence will profoundly affect human life. Ginni rometty, the chairman, President and CEO of IBM, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. She mentioned that artificial intelligence will prove that data is "the most valuable natural resource in the world", and set off a technological revolution in the fields of smart city, medical health, transportation and robot equipment. During Ms. Luo Ruilan's speech, ed

bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines, and Charles Redfield, executive vice president of Wal Mart in charge of food business, also shared their own technology cases of applying artificial intelligence and blockchain

2019 International Consumer Electronics Show is a travel show about turbocharging technology, including the air taxi of Bell Helicopter Company and the electric motorcycle released by Harley Davidson. 11 leading automobile manufacturers in the world show the future of transportation, and also show that automatic driving technology will benefit more people, saving lives and improving productivity at the same time

the sports section of the international consumer electronics show shows a complete sports science and technology ecosystem. The immersive content experience brought by innovative technologies in the fields of intelligent venues, training, virtual reality, augmented reality, e-sports, etc. will innovate the way people participate in, watch and experience sports. Jack

dorsey, CEO of twitter, and Adam silver, President of the NBA, discussed how the two sides could help promote fan interaction through social media cooperation; The esports

truck brought by gamespot has set up 10 game booths, giving both professional players and ordinary participants a chance to show their skills

c space is a gathering place for content creators, Hollywood, advertising and media industries. At the same time, many top chief marketing officers including Marc Pritchard of P & G, Michelle Peluso of IBM and keith

weed of Unilever were invited to discuss the future of brand marketing and entertainment industry here. In addition, there are diversified exhibitions and rich conference schedules. The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing and consumer interaction, mobile and Ott video, and content consumption is discussed


park is a special zone set up by the international consumer electronics show for start-ups. It has attracted 1200 enterprises from more than 50 countries to show disruptive innovative technologies, attracting investors and major manufacturers. As a blessed place for successful enterprises such as ring, benjilock and lifefuels, eureka

park specially added a competition this year, sponsored by the foundation of the American consumer Technology Association and AARP

digital health technology is also one of the hot topics. Participants experienced the latest achievements and trends in the field of medical health. More than 260 doctors and experts from the medical and health industry attended the conference with the theme of "disruptive innovation in the medical and health field". The conference also provided continuing medical education (CME) credits at the international consumer electronics show for the first time

smart city resilience technology is a technology that can help communities maintain health, safety, warmth, strength, peace of mind and ensure food and clothing. Sustainable development technologies demonstrated by companies such as York and zero mass

water will bring efficient energy solutions, help developing countries provide drinking water resources and reduce the global carbon footprint. And enterprises including higher ground

technologies help us keep in touch with each other all over the world

the International Consumer Electronics Show helps enterprises build a way of connectivity and jointly create a better future for the world

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