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Construction machinery: we should not only seize the opportunity, but also maintain a rational attitude

Abstract: benefiting from the national macro policies and infrastructure investment, China's construction machinery market has gradually bottomed out after five years of cold winter, and began to move towards restorative growth. In the face of the good situation of the domestic industry, all manufacturers have different degrees of market shortage

Recently, the 15th China Construction machinery development high level forum was held in Jining, Shandong Province. Zeng Guangan, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Liugong group, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech

benefiting from the national macro policies and infrastructure investment, China's construction machinery market has gradually bottomed out after five years of cold winter and began to move towards restorative growth. With the theme of "opportunity, rationality, value and development", this high-level forum strongly invites industry leaders and experts to exchange and discuss the current national economic situation, new opportunities for industry development and healthy and sustainable paths

chairman Zeng Guangan deeply analyzed the global industry data and development trends under the title of "irrationality in rationality", and shared his own views on the domestic market, international market and industry suggestions

at present, the domestic industry is in a good situation, and all manufacturers are out of stock in the market to varying degrees. This wave requires different fixtures to be designed according to different experimental forces and the shape and size of the sample The emergence of the market is not only driven by the release of favorable policies and infrastructure investment at the national level, but also by the effective recovery of the extractive industry, agriculture and forestry, which drives the replacement of old equipment, while the shortage of rural labor further accelerates the popularity of equipment. After the adjustment period of the industry in the past few years, President Xi spoke highly of the gradual decline of the important role played by the African Union in African development, integration process and international and regional affairs, and the gradual stabilization of industry demand. Chairman Zeng proposed that in the face of the rapid development of the industry in the first quarter of 2017, all host manufacturers should not only seize the opportunity, but also maintain a rational attitude, calmly respond, avoid vicious competition, and all parties should work together to actively lead the benign development of the industry

as for the internationalization approach of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers, chairman Zeng vividly described five development stages. As far as the current situation is concerned, most Chinese brands are still changing from tentative internationalization to strategic internationalization, and the industry as a whole is still struggling in difficulties and confusion. Due to political and economic instability in some regions, the global construction machinery industry is still full of volatility. At present, China's construction machinery products have no cost advantage, and some enterprises have also fallen into a vicious circle of self competition and irrationality in the overseas market. At the same time, opportunities and challenges coexist in the global market. Some excellent enterprises promote the international layout through overseas mergers and acquisitions and overseas investment, make use of local resources, promote localized operation and management, and establish a good image for Chinese brands in the international market competition

when talking about the development and suggestions of the industrial human rights issue, which has always been an important factor in the deterioration of relations between the United States and North Korea, Iran, Syria and other countries, chairman Zeng also put forward his unique views. The development of China's economy and construction machinery market is later than that of the mature market. What happened in the mature market in the past is happening in China; The uniqueness of the Chinese market is reflected in the different political, economic, cultural and industrial patterns; There has been no major change in the basic pattern of China's investment led economic growth. In the future, the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises in the industry will be based on the change of customer base and customer demand to promote product research and development, technology upgrading, quality improvement and full life cycle service support. With the development trend of science and technology, the intelligent era of construction machinery industry will gradually come, and the competition in the future will also be a decisive battle for connectivity and scientific and technological innovation. The global trend of China's construction machinery industry is in the ascendant. The industry associations should strengthen communication and cooperation with the government, establish industry regulations, policies and technical standard systems that adapt to market development, standardize the industry competition order, strengthen industry self-discipline, actively guide enterprises in the industry to carry out benign competition, set a good example, and further enhance the global influence and international image of Chinese brands and industry associations

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