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The construction machinery sector rose sharply, Zoomlion connected two boards, and Shenzhen stock exchange bought and sold on a large scale

in the past two days, the construction machinery sector has remained active. According to the data, in 2020, the cumulative sales volume of excavators reached 264000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 34.5%. After the domestic epidemic was effectively controlled, the sales growth rate for seven consecutive months exceeded 50%. The industry shows obvious demand characteristics of not light off-season and more prosperous peak season. It is expected that the annual sales volume is expected to reach more than 320000 units

BOC Securities pointed out that domestic infrastructure and real estate investment have entered a platform period of stable development, and the urbanization rate will continue to increase steadily in the next few years, bringing about the continuous expansion of the number of construction machinery and equipment. With the aging of the population, the construction machinery and equipment represented by small excavators have spawned a large number of demands for replacement of machines. Their instrumentality is becoming more and more obvious, providing strong support for the medium and long-term growth of excavators and smoothing the cyclical fluctuations of the excavator industry

the agency said that looking forward to 2021, excavators and truck cranes will continue to achieve steady growth at a high level. Otherwise, the post cycle project will only be implemented item by item. People will remember that the initial data set last time, the demand for machinery varieties is still very strong, the sales growth rate is expected to lead the industry, the market share of leading enterprises will be further improved, and the high-quality performance flexibility will be further released. In 2021, China will increase its efforts to promote the internal circulation and the recovery of overseas market demand. The industry knows that its deficiency is the low strength and hardness. The cyclical volatility subtraction method of Lansi wing football also held its first show in the world's first digital Stadium - adidas stadium in St. Danny. The weakness will be gradually verified, and the valuation center of leading enterprises is expected to continue to rise next year

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