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From the construction of the first ten million kilowatt wind power base in China in 2009, to the rapid development of wind power, optoelectronics and new energy equipment manufacturing industry, which has become an important new energy base in China, to the fact that the national energy administration has listed Jiuquan as a red warning area for wind power investment due to the problem of wind and light abandonment, The experience of Jiuquan is almost the epitome of the development of new energy in Northwest China

fast is better than fast, which has driven the rapid development of local economy and continuously explored the way for the development of China's new energy industry and equipment manufacturing industry. According to Jiuquan Energy Bureau, with the development and expansion of Jiuquan new energy equipment manufacturing industry, the construction cost of wind power, photovoltaic high-performance fiber and composite materials has been greatly reduced. The investment cost per kilowatt of wind power has decreased from about 10000 yuan in 2008 to less than 6500 yuan at present. The construction cost per kilowatt of photovoltaic power station has also decreased from about 20000 yuan in 2010 to about 6000 yuan at present

however, speed also causes "indigestion". "In the process of rapid development of Jiuquan new energy, due to the slowing growth of power demand, limited peak shaving capacity, unsmooth delivery channels and other reasons, there have been problems of wind and light abandonment." Zhanganjiang, the mayor of Jiuquan City, said that for this reason, Jiuquan City has timely adjusted its development ideas and work focus, actively strive to expand the scale of export by accelerating the construction of export channels, vigorously cultivate and develop local power loads, and strive to solve the problem of new energy consumption

over the past few years, two 750 kV power transmission and transformation projects have been built in the Jiuquan region, namely, the first and second main link between Xinjiang and the northwest, and the Jiuquan Hunan ± 800 kV HVDC transmission project, with a power transmission capacity of more than 9million kW. Since the Jiuhu UHV DC project was completed and put into operation at the end of June 2017, about 17billion kwh of electricity has been delivered, of which new energy accounts for more than 40%

the construction of the export channel has paved a "highway" to other provinces for Jiuquan new energy power, making market-oriented trading a "new force" for the consumption of new energy power. At the Dunhuang power station of cecep northwest solar energy Co., Ltd., zhangzhiwei, the operation and Maintenance Director, told the economy that the Dunhuang phase I 50MW photovoltaic power generation project they built was put into operation on January 25, 2015. By the end of July this year, the accumulated power supply had reached 216.3 million kwh, of which the benchmark power accounted for 30%, and the power in large-scale outdoor power transmission and spot trading accounted for about 70%

"by participating in direct purchase by large users, delivery transaction and spot transaction, plus Jiuhu DC operation, the power curtailment rate has been significantly reduced." Zhangzhiwei said that in 2016, the power rationing rate of enterprises reached 30.8%, while in the first seven months of 2018, the power rationing rate was only 10.3%. Compared with previous years, the power rationing situation has been alleviated, and the enterprise benefits have gradually improved

while expanding the scale of outward delivery, Jiuquan also actively cultivates the nearby consumption market. Guazhou county has a wind power installed capacity of 6.45 million KW, making it the "first county in China with wind power installed capacity". Wangjinting, head of Guazhou County, said that, in keeping with the optimization of the delivery conditions, Guazhou county has actively promoted the reform of incremental power distribution in the industrial park, the direct purchase of new energy by large users of high load enterprises such as Sanxin silicon industry, and the transformation of clean energy heating in urban and rural areas, and the reform of new energy local consumption models, such as Sanxin silicon industry, which consumes 2billion kilowatt hours of energy a year, The first 1million square meter clean energy heating demonstration project in Gansu Province was built. At the same time, Guazhou county is introducing new industries and consumption projects such as big data, cloud computing, coal chemical industry, energy storage, hydrogen production, etc., to make an active attempt for local consumption of new energy

after experiencing a period of rapid growth and pain relief, the new energy industry in Jiuquan has become stable from fast, and has begun to enter a development stage of improving quality and efficiency. While promoting the delivery and local consumption as a whole, we should pay attention to the application of new technology. In 2016, among the first 20 solar thermal power generation demonstration projects announced by the state, 8 projects with a total of 550000 kW were launched in Jiuquan, accounting for more than 40% of the total scale of the country

recently, it was seen at the construction site of Dunhuang Capital Airlines energy-saving 100MW tower type solar thermal power generation project that on the vast Gobi desert, the heat absorption tower, main plant framework and auxiliary workshop framework of the project have been completed, and more than 10000 heliostats are scattered around the heat absorption tower. Workers are stepping up the application of Vickers method to molten salt tank bodies, and there is little labor in steel pipe standards

"this project is a national solar thermal power generation demonstration project and the largest commercial tower solar thermal power generation project in China." Liuqiang, the chief commander of Shouhang energy-saving Dunhuang solar thermal power generation project, said that the project is expected to have and conditions by the end of this year. It has 24-hour power generation capacity in normal weather and can undertake the function of peak load regulation power supply. It will form a complementary operation pattern with local photovoltaic and wind power

it is learned that there are many new energy and new technologies under planning and construction in Jiuquan City. Among them, the preliminary work of the 720mw time domain large-scale energy storage project of China energy smart energy is progressing smoothly, and the construction is expected to start within this year; Yumen Kelu and Suzhou dongdongtan micro electricity projects were selected into the national new energy micro electricity demonstration project; Two wind power projects of 50000 kW in Guazhou Huaneng and 4000 kW in Yumen Chenwu have been selected as the national demonstration projects of wind power parity, and the preliminary work is being actively promoted

"from January to July this year, the city's wind and light rejection rates decreased by 14. compared with the same period last year, which can be used to produce automobile closures such as engine covers, trunk covers and doors; 8 and 12.6 percentage points. It is expected that the wind and light rejection rates of new energy will drop to a reasonable level by 2020." Zhang Anjiang said that in the next step, Jiuquan will innovate the development and utilization mode, continue to promote the high-quality development of the new energy industry, actively and orderly promote the construction of major clean energy projects, comprehensively carry out cross regional transmission and local consumption, coordinate and promote the optimal development of electricity and power supply, strive to realize the complementary, integrated and optimized operation of wind, light, water, fire, storage and transmission, and build an important national clean energy industry demonstration base

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