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Construction machinery safety management service seminar held "neutral" of sword finger supervision

construction machinery safety management service seminar held "neutral" of sword finger supervision

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it was learned from the China Construction machinery safety management seminar held on December 27 that although construction machinery has made important contributions to the national economic construction, it has been the "neutral" of safety production supervision for a long time, In the absence of security management and services

according to statistics, there are 15 categories and more than 2000 kinds of construction machinery in China, with a total of about 20 million sets and more than 30 million employees. However, most of the above construction machinery are owned by individuals, more than 90% of which have not implemented the main body of safety production, and 85% of the operators are on duty without certificates

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has maintained a high-speed growth trend, and the number of construction machinery equipment and construction machinery operators has increased rapidly. At the same time, the safety management and supervision functions of China's construction machinery have not been clarified yet, the safety control is weak, there are a large number of potential safety hazards, and construction machinery operation accidents and construction accidents such as excavators and loading foundations occur from time to time. The collapse of the construction platform of the cooling tower under construction in Jiangxi during the period when the test requirements of jb/t 8130.1 constant force spring supports and hangers and jb/t8130.2 variable force spring supports and hangers were nearly met, resulting in 74 deaths and heavy losses to the lives and property of the people

"safety is the most important and basic production demand of people. It is an important guiding principle for economic and social development and an important content of building a harmonious society." Cheng Di, the convener of this seminar and the chairman of Zhong'an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that according to the opinions of the CPC Central Committee on not only conducting axial slow strain stress corrosion test, but also the State Council on promoting the reform and development in the field of work safety, developing specialized industrial organizations for work safety and strengthening autonomy and self-discipline have become urgent requirements in the field of safety management services for construction machinery

at the seminar, leaders from more than 30 enterprises in the field of construction machinery conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as construction machinery safety production prevention, management and service system construction, and reached a consensus on the initiative of establishing China Construction Machinery Safety Alliance. Luoshengping, President of Xinjiang mechanical engineering equipment management service association, said that the creation of the above construction machinery safety management service platform aims to share the concerns of the government, serve the industry and solve the difficulties for users, and will effectively solve the problems commonly existing in the construction machinery industry, such as the difficulty of identifying equipment without license, insurance, parts purchase and oil supply

Cheng Di said that the alliance will take the implementation of the industry credit evaluation system as the driving force, focus on safety technology devices, vigorously promote the management services of construction machinery, and provide relevant data and suggestions for the national competent departments to formulate policies, which is of great practical significance to realize the self-discipline of the safety production industry, eliminate accident hidden dangers, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry

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