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Build 100 no man-made factories and production lines. Shanghai issues the action plan for promoting the new economy. Notice of the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing the action plan for promoting the new economy (year) of Shanghai. People's governments of all districts, committees, offices and bureaus of the Municipal Government:

with the consent of the municipal government, the action plan for promoting the new economy (year) of Shanghai is hereby printed and distributed to you. Please implement it carefully

General Office of Shanghai Municipal People's government

April 8, 2020

Shanghai action plan for promoting the development of new economy (year)

new economy is a deep integration with modern production and manufacturing to maximize the utilization of reactants, business finance, entertainment consumption, education, health, circulation and travel, with the help of intelligent interactive technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g, interconnection, big data, blockchain, etc New business form and new mode of interaction characteristics. As an important driving force to meet the needs of production and life upgrading and the transformation of industries enabled by technology scenarios, and as an important combination of strengthening the functions of science, innovation and strategy sources and leading high-end industries, it adheres to online and offline integrated development, focuses on promoting intelligent interactive technology integration innovation, business model innovation, service innovation and management innovation, focuses on stimulating new consumer demand, focuses on cultivating new economic growth points, and focuses on creating a new ecosystem for industrial development, We will promote Shanghai's economy to take the lead in achieving quality, efficiency and power changes

(II) action objectives

focus on one year, focus on three years, gather advantageous resources, and create four 100+ around key areas. By the end of 2022, Shanghai will be built into a new economic development highland with international influence and domestic leadership

gather 100+ innovative enterprises. We will accelerate the cultivation of more than 100 high growth innovative enterprises with core technologies, independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness, and focus on supporting the development of about 10 innovative leading enterprises and leading enterprises

launch 100+ application scenarios. Launch new economic application scenarios with good demonstration effect, strong driving effect and excellent market impact to further gather user traffic and drive the development of new industries

create 100+ brand products. Create new economy brand products and services with high reputation and strong innovation, promote a number of new products to be tested first, speed up the marketization and industrialization of innovative products, and constantly push through the old to bring forth the new and upgrade iteratively

break through 100+ key technologies. A number of R & D and transformation functional platforms have been created, technological innovation achievements in artificial intelligence, 5g, Internet, big data, blockchain and other fields have been emerging, and the core competitiveness of the industry has been significantly enhanced

II. Focus on development priorities

1. create a benchmarking non manual factory. Build more than 100 unmanned factories, production lines and workshops, and accelerate the intelligent transformation of high-end equipment, automobile, aerospace, biomedicine, electronic information, steel and chemical industries. Focus on new manufacturing modes such as flexible manufacturing, cloud manufacturing and shared manufacturing, strengthen flexible production capacity and digital infrastructure support, and improve emergency production capacity. Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing units, industrial robots and storage robots with self sensing, self-control, self decision-making and self-execution functions, increase the promotion and application of autonomous robots, and innovate and develop intelligent multi-layer shuttle car systems. (Department: Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, municipal development and Reform Commission and municipal science and Technology Commission)

2. accelerate the development of industrial interconnection. Create an industry-level and general-purpose industrial interconnection platform for key industries and key links, and encourage enterprises to optimize the supply chain procurement and distribution system by using e-commerce platforms for energy, raw materials, textile and other industries. Support large-scale leading enterprises to build enterprise specialty, and build 20 industrial interconnection platforms with national influence. Guide the industrial interconnection platform to cooperate with professional software design manufacturers to accelerate the creation of cloud simulation development environment. Cultivate integrated service providers, support industry leaders and Internet platform enterprises to transform into system solution providers, and promote the integrated application of intelligent interactive technology, industry platforms, and software and hardware products. (Department: Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, municipal development and Reform Commission and municipal science and Technology Commission)

3. promote the remote office mode. To meet the needs of home office, off-site office and mobile office, we encourage the development of a new remote office model of borderless collaboration and full scene collaboration. Around the scenarios of employee information reporting, video conference, collaborative office, collaborative development, etc., create a remote office platform and management system, continuously optimize the product user experience, and enhance user stickiness. Pay attention to the use of emerging technologies, develop full scene remote office software and system solutions, and strengthen the security of remote office information and data. Accelerate the application of 5g technology and improve the efficiency of remote office. (Department: Municipal Commission of economic information technology, Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Commission of science and Technology)

4. optimize financial services. We will promote financial services such as online loan application and renewal, online investment and wealth management claims settlement, and online convenient payment, enrich online channels such as smart banking, Shanghai Banking, and banking, and support financial institutions to carry out financial service innovation based on new technologies. We will vigorously develop smart wealth management, develop and promote intelligent investment advisers, intelligent investment research, intelligent risk control, intelligent supervision, etc., further promote insurance service innovation, and build an integrated health insurance service platform of Internet + medical health + insurance. Encourage innovation in payment services such as biometric payment and smart wearable device payment, and provide safe and convenient payment services. Explore the application of artificial intelligence, big data, knowledge map, blockchain and other technologies in credit financing, underwriting and claim settlement, asset management and other fields. (Department: Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau, municipal economic and Information Technology Commission, municipal science and Technology Commission)

5. deepen the development of culture and entertainment. Accelerate the development of network audio-visual, and promote the application of emerging technology achievements and services to content production by relying on audio, short video, live broadcast and film and television carriers. Promote the construction of platforms for audio and video big data processing, all media intelligent broadcast control, and ultra-high definition video production and broadcasting. Comply with the trend of entertainment consumption, pay attention to user experience, further promote the development of interactive entertainment industries such as tour, online literature, animation and e-sports, and support online competitions, transactions, live broadcasts, training and fitness. (Department: Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, Municipal Bureau of sports, Municipal Bureau of market supervision, Municipal Commission of economic informatization)

6. exhibition of innovative development. We will promote the online and offline integrated development of various specialized exhibitions, promote the construction of intelligent exhibition venues, and amplify the effect of the 6+365 one-stop trading service platform. Promote large-scale exhibition enterprises and well-known cloud service enterprises to jointly build cloud exhibition service entities, and create a series of activities such as cloud conference, cloud exhibition, cloud walk show and cloud experience. Combined with 5g interactive live broadcast, accelerate the application of vr/ar technology, expand shangyunyou museums, art galleries, cultural and creative parks, build digital twin scenic spots, and create immersive panoramic products. (Department: Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, Municipal Bureau of market supervision, Municipal Commission of economic information)

7. expand the retail format of fresh e-commerce. Focusing on fresh food, catering, agricultural products, daily necessities and other fields, we will promote the integration of resources between traditional retail and channel e-commerce, build online supermarkets and smart micro vegetable farms, and develop offline smart retail terminals such as unmanned supermarkets, smart vending machines, and unmanned recycling stations. Encourage the development of new intelligent marketing formats such as live broadcast e-commerce, social e-commerce, community e-commerce and small program e-commerce. Support enterprises to improve the digital management capability of fresh product turnover, develop technologies such as refrigeration and pre cooling, heat preservation and preservation, large-scale layout of cold chain storage facilities, establish a product flow and traceability information platform, promote the standardization of fresh and agricultural products, and further improve food safety. (Department: Municipal Commission of Commerce, municipal economic and Information Technology Commission, Municipal Transportation Commission, municipal market supervision bureau)

8. accelerate the development of contactless distribution. Promote the application of unmanned distribution in the retail, medical, catering, hotel, manufacturing and other industries, and support logistics distribution modes such as cold chain logistics, time limited express delivery, and night distribution. Encourage property management and express delivery enterprises to establish a market-oriented cooperation mechanism, accelerate the layout of intelligent lockers, heat preservation takeout cabinets, end distribution service stations and distribution pick-up points in communities, parks, buildings and other areas, promote the sharing of community storage facilities, and ensure the last mile of delivery. Focus on the development of unmanned vehicles such as UAVs and unmanned vehicles to meet the distribution needs among cities, within cities and within communities. Promote all-time response logistics, provide customized logistics distribution solutions for special periods and industries, develop network freight platforms and supply chain comprehensive service platforms, efficiently integrate offline transport capacity resources, improve intelligent operation and deployment capabilities, and achieve all-weather and wide coverage of logistics services. (departments: Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Communications Commission, Municipal Postal Administration, municipal housing administration, municipal economic and Information Technology Commission, and municipal development and Reform Commission)

9. vigorously develop new types of mobile travel. We will promote the application of smart connected vehicles in commercial scenarios, expand automotive aftermarket services, encourage the development of time-sharing rental cars, explore new ways of travel such as autonomous taxis, accelerate the infrastructure construction of people vehicle road cloud collaboration, and create a smart travel service chain. We will promote the development of new non-contact sales models such as gas stations and so on. Accelerate the integration of spatial location service technologies such as Beidou navigation with traffic travel, optimize travel routes in combination with control information and traffic conditions, and improve matching efficiency and vehicle utilization. (departments: Municipal Transportation Commission, municipal economic and Information Commission, Municipal Public Security Bureau, municipal development and Reform Commission, and municipal science and Technology Commission)

10. optimize the development of education. Promote the learning mode of online and offline in-depth integration and the combination of decentralized teaching and centralized teaching, create online education brands such as Shanghai micro school air class, and promote key platform enterprises and schools to build an information-based basic application platform suitable for large-scale learning. We will strengthen the construction of infrastructure such as education colleges and education clouds, support Internet education services and content innovation, promote the construction of credit banks, and realize the sharing of high-quality education resources. We will promote vocational education and vocational ability improvement, and build and improve a lifelong education system and a digital skills training system for citizens around the fields of Vocational English, industry skills and vocational skills. Standardize the development of Internet + education, and guide the healthy development of enterprises. (Department: Municipal Education Commission, municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Economic Information Commission)

11. accelerate the development of R & D design. Develop customized design, establish digital design and virtual simulation system, innovate personalized design, user participation design and interactive design, and enrich product and service supply. Enterprises are encouraged to carry out network collaborative R & D and design, and promote the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and augmented reality in R & D and design. Support all kinds of online creative activities of mass creation, wisdom, crowdsourcing and design, and encourage

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