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Construction machinery presents a new trend with great potential in the direction of intelligent environmental protection

China's economy has entered the cycle of medium speed growth and economic transformation and upgrading. In combination with the basic situation of China's macro economy, the construction machinery industry will continue the low-speed growth trend of the previous two years in 2014. As of November 2014, the production and sales of mining machinery were 85032 units, down 18.1% compared with the same period last year. It is expected that the year-on-year decline in 2014 will be 22%. Despite the increasing downward pressure on the macro economy, with the implementation of various national policies for pre adjustment and micro stable growth, the business environment of the enterprise will be further improved, and the operation of the industry will show a trend of stabilization and recovery. It is expected that the demand for excavators in the domestic market will gradually increase in 2016

however, as an important mechanical equipment for infrastructure construction, excavators are playing a negative role in destroying the environment and consuming resources while the market demand is growing steadily. In order to reduce environmental pollution, governments around the world have issued policies and regulations to enforce the emission targets of various motor vehicles and prohibit the sale and use of fuel vehicles with excessive emissions. In recent years, China has also speeded up the introduction of a series of relevant laws and regulations, and is gradually in line with international standards. In the future, the product competition of excavators will take energy conservation and consumption reduction as the market theme

in the international environment with increasingly stringent fuel standards, as an internationally renowned construction machinery manufacturer, Doosan construction machinery in 2014 complied with the national trend of environmental protection and energy conservation, and based on the global integrated R & D system and China's local R & D center, launched a new 9C series excavator equipped with an intelligent EFI engine to meet the new needs brought about by market and policy changes. With the product design close to Chinese customers and the advanced intelligent EFI engine, the new Doosan 9C series excavator will become a leading force in the technological transformation and development of the construction machinery industry in 2014

energy saving and environmental protection machinery has great potential

a survey recently released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that China is one of the countries with the most serious waste of natural resources in the world, ranking 56th among the 59 countries surveyed. As the second largest use industry of internal combustion engine products other than the automobile industry, although the scope of work is limited to construction and mine construction sites, its emission density is high and its emission index is inferior to that of automobiles, so the environmental pollution is more serious. In this regard, the opinions on strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction in the internal combustion engine industry issued by the general office of the State Council at the beginning of 2013 clearly requires that by 2015, energy-saving internal combustion engine products account for 60% of the total number of internal combustion engine products in the whole society, and the fuel consumption rate of internal combustion engines will be reduced by 6%-10%

Qijun, President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that China is "the largest construction site in the world", and engineering construction drives the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. However, the emission requirements of construction machinery products in China have been relatively loose, which makes the market full of a large number of high emission products, which has become a heavy burden on the current environment in China. Therefore, Qi Jun believes that China's energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face important opportunities in both policy orientation and market demand. In 2013, a series of national policies supporting the development of environmental protection industry entered the implementation stage. It is expected that in 2014, the energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery represented by multi-functional, miniaturized and intelligent EFI will drive the growth rate of the whole industry to exceed 25%

according to the 2013 national government work report, China's energy conservation and emission reduction targets for that year have not been achieved. Statistics show that China's energy efficiency is only 26.9% of that of the United States and 11.5% of that of Japan. The national 12th Five Year Plan for industrial energy conservation shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, the energy consumption of added value of industries above Designated Size will be reduced by about 21% compared with 2010. The strict requirements put forward by the state make construction machinery enterprises have to put energy conservation and environmental protection in an important position in their development strategy. In addition, at present, the construction of new urbanization has become the source of economic growth for a long time, which will play a very positive role in boosting the energy-saving and environmental protection engineering machinery market

according to the statistics, the total investment in environmental protection in 2013 was more than 600billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25%, which was the year with the highest investment growth rate in the five-year plan. It is worth noting that in terms of investment in energy conservation and environmental protection engineering equipment, in 2013, fixed assets increased by 46.857 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 78.48%. Analysts pointed out that 4. It has overload, over displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection and other measures for the software part; In recent years, the economic operation of the industry has highlighted the industrial characteristics of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry with strong policy orientation and strong anti risk ability. Some experts predict that in order to complete the task of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction machinery industry will become an important part of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in China in the coming years

with the national attention to environmental protection and the rapid rise in the price of petrochemical fuels such as petroleum, energy-saving and environmental protection products of construction machinery have also become a new weapon for construction machinery enterprises to compete for the market. Qi Jun believes that taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection is also an excellent way for Chinese enterprises to break down foreign trade barriers. By the end of 2011, the annual oil consumption cost of China's construction machinery products was higher than the annual total output value of construction machinery. At present, the barriers to market access in the United States, Japan and other countries are rising. In the setting of trade barriers, the emission standards bear the brunt. However, Qi Jun stressed that due to the difficulty of energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, which is mostly subject to technical bottlenecks, fuel quality, user habits and other problems, while increasing research and development efforts to improve applicability and compatibility, the advantages of EFI intelligence must be more effectively transmitted to end customers

focus on intelligent environmental protection

on the one hand, under the stimulation of national policies, the threshold of the domestic construction machinery market is getting higher and higher, and the competition of the whole construction machinery industry is also constantly adjusted from product economy and durability to intelligent environmental protection. Major construction machinery enterprises have also increased their investment in technological innovation and promotion of new products. The consistent action of construction machinery manufacturers also means that the whole industry is transforming to green and intelligent, "energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection" have infiltrated into the whole industry. The true stress s is calculated by dividing the instantaneous load at each point on the curve by the corresponding cross-sectional area of the sample. The true strain ε Is the differential value D of the instantaneous specimen elongation ι And instantaneous sample length ι The integral of the ratio is obtained, that is, the development of

on the other hand, domestic users have higher and higher requirements for the quality of mining machinery, especially for product efficiency, fuel consumption, maintenance, residual value and other indicators. In this regard, the senior management of Doosan construction machinery stressed that the purpose of replacing the original direct injection engine with EFI engine in the excavator industry is not only to improve fuel utilization and reduce fuel consumption. The reason why the industry recognizes that EFI engine is the future of the industry is that a series of new intelligent control technologies have been applied around EFI technology, Only the intelligently controlled EFI is the key to reduce the use cost

in order to develop the world's top-level intelligent EFI products, Doosan engineering machinery has assembled global technology R & D forces and established a new technology headquarters, dedicated to the development of products with more perfect functions, better quality and more environmental protection and energy conservation. At the 7th BMW Shanghai exhibition, which opened on November 25, Doosan launched the new 9C series products. After three years of development process, it adopted and collected the suggestions and comments of customers. After eight quality management monitoring processes, it gathered the wisdom and strength of R & D, marketing, production, service and procurement departments, and was successfully launched after repeated verification by customers under actual working conditions

dx340lc-9c, which is specially designed for Chinese small and medium-sized mines and large earthwork customers, adopts Doosan dl08 high-pressure common rail EFI engine. The design goal is to improve speed, durability, fuel consumption and performance, ensure efficient work and reduce fuel consumption for customers. In addition, 9C series dx380lc-9c/dx420lc-9c/dx500lc-9c/dx520lc-9c and other models also adopt the world's leading Scania EFI engine, which has the characteristics of high fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption and durability. It also makes 9C series have obvious advantages in working performance, environmental protection and energy conservation, and meets the national requirements for strict management, energy conservation and emission reduction of the construction machinery industry, It also provides customers with powerful equipment in mines and large-scale civil engineering projects

Doosan adopts the comprehensive intelligent matching scheme of SPC mode of EPOS system for 9C series. According to the actual operating conditions, Doosan can freely select power mode (P), standard mode (s) and economic mode (E). At the same time, it can achieve the balance and unity of low fuel consumption, high performance and reliability through automatic idle speed, intelligent control of main pump flow and hydraulic system pressure. The combination of SPC mode of EPOS system can intelligently sense the load under actual working conditions, automatically adjust the engine speed and main pump torque, achieve lower fuel consumption and effectively reduce the fourth and cross beam operation inspection and low failure probability while meeting the operation efficiency

industry data show that nearly 40% of the faults of construction machinery come from the hydraulic system and about 15% from the engine. After adopting the intelligent EFI technology, it can significantly improve the utilization rate of engine power, reduce the power loss of the hydraulic system, better match the power required by the power system and the load, reduce the working intensity of the engine and hydraulic components, and improve the reliability of the equipment in long-term use as a whole

the relevant R & D personnel of Doosan give a specific explanation. From the development of domestic and foreign markets, the intelligent control technology of EFI excavator mainly has the following development trends. First, the electronic control is more intelligent, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects. First of all, the computer can automatically monitor the operating parameters of the hydraulic system and diesel engine, such as pressure, diesel engine speed, etc., and can automatically control the entire excavator power system to run in an efficient and energy-saving state according to these parameters. Secondly, it can complete some semi-automatic operations, such as leveling, slope trimming, etc., which reduces the requirements for the proficiency of drivers, but the work quality can be greatly improved. Thirdly, fault diagnosis can be carried out according to the monitored operating parameters, which is convenient for the maintenance of the excavator. The appearance of these functions has greatly improved the performance of the excavator

the second is the electronic injection control of the diesel engine. In the traditional mechanical speed regulating diesel engine, the circulating fuel supply and injection advance angle of the injection pump are affected by the speed, which makes it difficult to further improve the performance of the diesel engine. After the electronic injection control is applied to the diesel engine, the circulating oil supply and injection advance angle of the pump can no longer be affected by the rotation speed, so that the excavator can always work in the best state and speed up the response speed. The development of diesel electro-mechanical injection controller is an important link to improve the energy saving of excavator

direct injection engine and electronic injection engine are two types of engines commonly used in construction machinery and equipment at present. They have different working principles and characteristics. In principle, the direct injection engine uses the mechanical linkage method to control the fuel injection time and fuel injection quantity. The diesel oil is pressurized by the high-pressure oil pump, and then atomized by the mechanical spray nozzle. The direct injection engine is characterized by mechanically controlling the injection time and quantity of the fuel injector, low injection pressure and poor atomization effect

EFI Engines are divided into unit pump type, EFI injector type and electronically controlled high

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