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With leading technology and co construction of safety, spring has quietly arrived in Yangcheng. Kapok in March has been dressed in bright red. In this promising season, the first green industrial revolution forum hosted by China industrial control opened in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 4. Wieland electric GmbH, as a century old enterprise from Germany and a world-renowned company leading in the field of industrial safety, was invited to participate in the mechanical safety technology seminar of the forum

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1g=9.8m/s2 in view of the domestic industrial (Mechanical) safety technology and application status, Weilang company has brought" safe, integrated, reliable, application of Weilang safety product series " The report, which attracted many end users, OEM manufacturers, scholars, engineering and technical personnel and other industry elites, answered the industry's questions about the specific application of industrial safety products based on the combination of the current general specifications and practical application of industrial safety technology. At the same time, it also showed the powerful functions and high safety reliability of Weilang safety products. After the meeting, the technical and business heads of many units, including some insiders from internationally renowned large enterprises, went to the booth of Weilang company to continue to discuss industrial safety issues. They unanimously affirmed the technical advantages and product advantages of Weilang company and expressed a strong desire for cooperation

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Weilang Electric's safety products mainly include safety sensors and safety controllers, including SMA series safety sensors, S4000 series safety relays, Samos safety modules, and Samos Pro programmable safety modules with a small rise in the steel market in early August, including emergency stop buttons, two hand buttons, safety blankets, safety lights 5, transmission system grids, light curtains, safety positions, safety valves, etc. we can Give them different surface treatment monitoring functions; It meets the application requirements of en safety level 4, EN ISO performance level pl e and en 62061 SIL Level 3, and is widely used in industrial fields such as machinery manufacturing, food packaging and large public facilities such as airports and rail transit

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Weilang Electric is willing to rely on its own technical advantages, product advantages and high-quality services to cooperate with excellent manufacturers at home and abroad to build a safe working and living environment for human beings

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