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Science and technology lead to overcome difficulties and gather strength for reform and development - proposal to the scientific and technological workers of Sinomach group

Science and technology lead to overcome difficulties and gather strength for reform and development - proposal to the scientific and technological workers of Sinomach group

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scientific and technological workers of Sinomach group: on May 29, on the occasion of the fourth "national scientific and technological workers' Day", the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President p>

"innovation is the first driving force to lead development, and technology is a powerful weapon to overcome difficulties." Sinomach group has more than 30 scientific research institutes. As the main planner of China's machinery industry and the main developer of China's machinery industry standards, it has continued to play an industry service role for many years, providing technical and service support for the strengthening and expansion of China's manufacturing industry. It fully demonstrates the mission of the group's scientific and technological workers. We should vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists and craftsmen in the new era, shoulder the important task entrusted by history, and create a new future for scientific and technological innovation

bravely stand at the forefront of innovation and become a promoter of high-quality development

at present, China is facing a more severe situation and complex changes than ever before. Practice has proved that only independent innovation can make development take the lead, win the initiative and take the lead. The majority of scientific and technological workers should face the world's scientific and technological frontier, the main battlefield of the economy, and major national needs, focus on the strategy of building a powerful manufacturing country, vigorously promote original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption, and re innovation with the determination of grinding a sword for ten years, and effectively strengthen the research on core technologies, key technologies, and common technologies. Focusing on the fields of heavy equipment, textile machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, geological equipment and other major technical equipment, we will make unremitting efforts and strive to strengthen the important links of "breaking bottlenecks, filling weaknesses, and strengthening weak points", so as to promote the upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain. Focus on the needs of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of strategic emerging industries, promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, write papers on the earth, apply scientific and technological achievements in the practice of innovation and development, and provide support for the national supply side structural reform Achieve high-quality coal and rock shear strength experiments: a certain section of coal and rock samples under a certain normal stress provides strong support and strong power for the maximum shear stress development

dare to take on the responsibility of dedication and be a practitioner actively participating in the major national strategic planning

the majority of scientific and technological workers should inherit and carry forward the scientific spirit of being realistic, pragmatic and innovative, the exploration spirit of fearing difficulties and dangers and climbing the peak, the team spirit of unity and cooperation, indifferent to fame and wealth, and the dedication spirit of serving the motherland and serving the society. Advocate the atmosphere of daring to innovate, dare to compete, cooperate in good faith and tolerate failure, give full play to professional advantages, actively implement the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, accelerate participation in the national planning in major projects and infrastructure construction, public health service guarantee, new infrastructure construction and other fields, and focus on the strategic, fundamental, forward-looking Major scientific and technological topics that play a key role, focus on the key areas of reform, focus on the difficulties, pain points and blocking points, strengthen investigation and research, put forward forward forward forward-looking and targeted suggestions, provide intellectual support for the scientific and healthy development of the group, and contribute national wisdom to the realization of national strategic planning

taking serving the country as its own responsibility, the Academy must be proud to affirm that it is an opportunity for Mongolia to hold a bilateral summit at this time of the year to improve its service to the people. In the historical journey of realizing the "two centenary goals", scientific and technological workers have great significance and lofty mission. p>

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