The hottest technology on the forest joins Eastman

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Linshang technology, together with Eastman, is a film testing master

Eastman ordered a batch of ls110a split solar film testers in Linshang technology without complicated steps and requirements

ls110a split thermal insulation film tester is the most accurate split reaction slow test instrument in the industry. It is an instrument that can measure the UV insulation performance of 365nm, the transmittance of 550nm, and the thermal insulation rate of 95 waste plastic recycling plant, which is less than 0nm. Ls110a split transmittance meter designed with parallel light path can correct the condensing property caused by glass thickness, and the test data of large thickness glass are very accurate

the instrument adopts a split structure, and the magnet is absorbed within 12mm. The absorption degree of the main and auxiliary machines is very good

ls110a split tester ordered by Eastman this time is customized for its Weigu brand. The overall design of the product is mainly black, which is in line with the high-end brand positioning of Weigu brand. In addition, the heat digitiser of Weigu brand is also in intensive production testing

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