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Research on multi BOM management technology based on Windchill


in manufacturing enterprises, bill of materials (BOM) is the core of enterprise product data management. It runs through all stages of conceptual design, calculation and analysis, detailed design, process planning, prototype trial production, processing and manufacturing, sales and maintenance, and even the death of products. It is the carrier of product data transmission and sharing in the whole life cycle, It is also a bridge and link for information integration between application systems

product lifecycle management (PLM), as an open, interoperable and complete solution throughout the whole product life cycle, emphasizes the effective management and control of data and related processes in the whole product life cycle. The construction of its system cannot be separated from the support of BOM []. This paper analyzes the current situation of BOM management in some domestic production units and the requirements of BOM single data source management in the construction of enterprise integrated process design environment, designs the scheme based on Windchill, and then expounds the implementation and application of multi BOM management technology scheme in combination with the actual product data management (PDM) project of an aerospace production unit

1 business status analysis of BOM management

through the business investigation of BOM management status of several domestic production units, the following summary and analysis are carried out:

(1) design BOM is the product component structure tree formed by upstream design units from the perspective of product function design, and it is the source of product data of production units. After receiving the design BOM (usually paper design drawings) issued by the design unit, the production unit cannot modify it. If it wants to modify it, it needs to submit a change application to the upstream design unit, which decides whether to implement the change. If it is decided to implement the change, the design unit shall issue a change notice (technical coordination order or change notice) or reissue a new version of the drawing

(2) the process bom is formed by the process personnel of the production unit who adjust the design BOM and supplement the assembly information from the perspective of processing in computer aided process planning (CAPP). It is the basis for process preparation such as process task division and process document preparation. If the design unit issues paper drawings, the process personnel will directly build the process bom according to these design drawings

(3) the assembly BOM is obtained by adjusting the process bom from the perspective of manufacturing and assembly by the assembly personnel of the production unit. According to the assembly BOM, you can create a supporting parts list, which is directly used to guide production. At present, most production units do not carry out structured management of manufacturing BOMs in the information system, and the supporting details are basically paper documents created manually

(4) as the data source of enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing BOM is the basis and basis of material resource planning (MRP) calculation and cost accounting. However, because the manufacturing BOM is not structurally managed, the manufacturing BOM in most enterprise ERP systems can only be created manually

(5) enterprises that process, produce and manufacture according to batches need to build BOMs of all batches, and effectively trace the BOMs and related data of each batch. Since most enterprises do not have structured management of BOM, the management of batch related data is mainly to manage paper documents annotated with batch information

2 demand analysis of BOM management

in view of the above analysis of the current situation of BOM management, the following core requirements of BOM management are proposed to define the implementation objectives of enterprise BOM information management:

(1) structured management of multi BOM data provides BOM multi view management function, and realizes product data management with the BOM structure tree of each view as the core

(2) automatic conversion of multi BOM initial views there is a certain evolution process and internal relationship between multi BOM views. Among them, design BOM is the basis of process bom organization and management, and process bom is the basis of manufacturing BOM organization and management. Through the automatic transformation of the initial view, on the one hand, it can reduce the repeated labor and human errors caused by building BOMs for many times, on the other hand, it can maintain the internal relationship between views and facilitate the traceability of data to the upstream

(3) BOM batch management realizes batch configuration management in BOM view. By solidifying the technical status of batch BOM data, you can view the product data of a view and a batch at any time

(4) process control of BOM data. BOM data includes part information, part structure information, and related document data of parts. Therefore, its process control also includes product structure review and document signing. Through process control, on the one hand, the correctness and effectiveness of BOM data can be ensured; On the other hand, by recording the signing and approval information, it is convenient to trace the signing and approval process and reference and reuse the signing and approval historical information

(5) BOM change control strictly and effectively manages the BOM change process to ensure that the change process is controllable and the change result is credible, thus ensuring the integrity, accuracy and consistency of data

(6) integrate with CAPP system to share BOM data. Through integration with CAPP system, process bom is managed in multi BOM management platform (PDM system). CAPP system is only used as and browsing tool of process documents

(7) integration with ERP system provides the required BOM data. Through integration with ERP, manufacturing BOM data can be sent to ERP system for MRP calculation and cost accounting. The sent BOM data includes material information, material structure information, routing information, etc

3 Windchill based multi bill of materials management scheme

3.1 Windchill introduction

Windchill provides strong PDM, workflow management, life cycle management, configuration management, product visualization collaboration and enterprise information integration tools, so that enterprises can quickly access the huge product database and realize the sharing and visualization of product and process information. In addition, Windchill adopts a completely web-based architecture, so that different users in the product life cycle can access, view and mark various product models based on Web browsers to obtain accurate and timely product information

Windchill pdmlink is the core product of PTC PLM solution. By providing a single and complete means of digital product definition, it supports PDM and configuration management within the product life cycle, as well as the centralized control and management of product development process and change process. Its core functions include product content management, workflow customization, configuration management, change management based on international configuration management standard (Second Edition) cmii, visual collaboration, integration with other systems, etc

3.2 architecture

based on the above analysis of business status and requirements, this paper proposes a multi BOM management scheme based on Windchill, and its architecture is shown in Figure 1. The scheme is built based on Windchill PDM "NK system, and meets the above business needs of multi BOM management through certain customization and secondary development. The detailed description of the scheme is as follows:

Figure 1. The architecture of multi Bob management scheme based on Windchill

(1) The system application layer

this layer takes meeting the actual business needs of enterprise BOM management as the starting point, customizes and develops based on the standard functions of Windchill pdmlink, and mainly provides functional support for multi BOM view management, so that users can directly use the web client to access the system and carry out daily business work

1) the main functions of engineering BOM management include the establishment and maintenance of engineering BOM (EBOM), eb0m audit, EBOM batch product configuration, and EBOM change management. Among them, EBOM creation is manually built by the user according to the design drawings issued by the upstream design unit or received from the BOM list of the superior unit for batch import. The system controls the version of EBOM maintenance through the version management function; EBOM audit function can control the EBOM audit process to ensure the validity and correctness of EBOM data; EBOM batch product configuration can solidify the technical status of product BOM data related to the batch, so as to facilitate data traceability; EBOM change management effectively controls the EBOM change process to ensure that the change results are accurate and credible, and the change reasons can be traced

2) the main functions of process planning BOM management include the establishment of process planning BOM (pbom) and the linear state maintenance of high molecular chain forced by the nozzle, pbom audit, process document management, process document change management, pbom batch product configuration, and pbom change management. Among them, the initial pbom establishment can be converted from EBOM or built manually; Process document management supports the creation, modification and signing of process documents based on pbom. The process of process document management involves the integration and interoperability with CAPP; The process document change management function supports the management of the process document change process to ensure that the change process is controllable and the change result is credible. Other functions are similar to those in EBOM

3) the main functions of manufacturing BOM management include the establishment and maintenance of manufacturing BOM (MBOM), MBOM audit, process document management, process document change management, MBOM batch product configuration, and MBOM change management. Among them, the initial MBOM establishment can be converted from pbom, or can be built manually or imported in batches. Other functions are similar to the corresponding functions in pbom. In addition, both MBOM view and pbom view support process document management. Management specifications can be formulated according to the actual business situation of the enterprise to clarify the view on which process documents are created and managed

(2) public business services

this layer mainly provides about 150 public business services, including document management, version control, workflow management, life cycle management, organization management, access control, change management, etc., providing basic support for the construction of Windchill integrated solutions. This layer also supports users to customize corresponding services to provide modular support for specific application requirements

(3) public business objects and workflow models

this layer includes the actual physical objects and the basic model data required for workflow management. Among them, the actual physical objects include BOM related product structure data, two-dimensional/three-dimensional documents, process documents, etc

(4) integration with other systems

Windchill provides a flexible and reliable integration engine and standard adapter, supports Java Message Service (JMS)/j2c connector architecture (JCA), web service and other integration technologies, and can easily integrate with other application systems (such as CAPP, ERP, etc.) to realize seamless sharing of product data. For example, by integrating with CAPP, BOM data can be shared to CAPP, and the process documents created in CAPP can be centrally stored, version managed, signed and approved, and change managed in PDM system; Integrated with ERP, BOM data can be sent to ERP system for production planning, man hour cost accounting, etc

3.3 key technology

3.3.1 implementation of BOM multi view

the information data composed of different product BOMs together constitute a complete product information description in the whole product life cycle. Different BOMs are actually the projection of this complete information in different functional planes, which is the multi view of BOM []. Design, process and manufacturing are the three main stages in the product life cycle. This paper focuses on the construction, mapping and transformation of EBOM, pbom and MBOM corresponding to these three stages

(1) BOM multi view construction

different product BOMs are all products

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