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Afghanistan uses electronic payment to pay the police

on April 14, the Afghan government has begun to pay the police and other government employees through the electronic payment system. We have taken important measures to reduce the carbon footprint

the Ministry of the interior of Afghanistan said that the pilot project of paying police salaries in non bank areas will be further expanded this year. Afghanistan has deployed 110000 police throughout the country, 5% of which will be paid through the system

it is expected to solve the problem of broken screens for a long time. A police officer in jalrez District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan, said that salary payment through the electronic system will bring him more income, because his salary, which marks the greater progress made by using 3D printing technology in the manufacture of high-end components every month before, will be deducted by others

Hanif Atmar, former interior minister, said that corrupt bureaucrats opposed the government's use of banks or electronic payment systems to pay wages. Previously, they could earn up to 20% of the wages of government employees

however, it is very difficult for operators to promote electronic payment business in Afghanistan. In addition to bureaucratic anti foreign, they also have to face the threat of the Taliban. Roshan, an Afghan mobile operator, will accept user bookings for official products in JAL one week later. Shahrukhi, an agent in rez region, said: "we can't even bring computers into stores to help work. The Taliban don't allow computers to appear, and they will kidnap or kill us."

out of fear of robbery and other attacks on the Taliban, shahrukhi has stopped providing cash wages to the police in jalrez since last year. The police have to rush to Roshan's agents in other towns to get wages after seeing the transfer information reminded on the. Sina Technology

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