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Using third-party logistics to solve supply chain management problems

enterprise supply chain is a supply network composed of product manufacturers, raw material suppliers, retailers and other businesses, which effectively combines supply, manufacturing, distribution, distribution, transportation and services. According to the analysis data of the American supply chain Advisory Committee, in supply chain management, order management and logistics management account for 40% and 30% of the cost of supply chain management respectively. This means that there is still much room for cost savings in ordering and logistics

compared with other industries, IC industry has the most complex requirements for supply chain management due to factors such as high unit value of products, large amount of capital, large fluctuation of supply situation, rapid technological update and so on. There are great difficulties in the integration of supply chain. One is that different members in the supply chain have different, even conflicting goals. For example, components supply ι Taom 鸒 em can make a large number of stable so-called "partner" purchases, while OEM hopes to reduce inventory and respond flexibly to changes in customer demand. Secondly, the supply chain is a dynamic system, which needs to be constantly optimized

at present, due to various reasons, there are still the following prominent problems in the supply chain management of China's electronic industry:

1 International electronic component manufacturers have invested and set up factories in China, but due to some trade barriers in China's international trade, the production lines invested by international component manufacturers in China have no sales autonomy. Moreover, since China is not yet a free trade zone and the RMB cannot be paid freely, the logistics and distribution centers of IC suppliers are generally not located in Chinese Mainland


2. While most ICs are imported from abroad, the import channels are not very standardized. Many suppliers and distributors can only deliver goods and collect money in Hong Kong due to the needs of their own operations. It is very cumbersome for end users to obtain VAT invoices and customs declaration procedures


3. The value of professional distributors lies in providing customers with value-added services, such as reference design, use guidance and stock plan. Logistics is not necessarily equipped with first-class talents and resources, which to a certain extent affects the degree of user satisfaction in the tensile test


4. OEM manufacturers often carry out risk procurement because of the fluctuation of the supply situation of electronic components in the world. The common problems caused by this are excessive inventory, or downtime due to shortage, low inventory turnover, long procurement period, high operating costs, etc

In order to solve the above problems, some traditional logistics enterprises extend their services in order to build an integrated supply chain with customers. For example, xieno logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. plans to enable its customers to focus on their core competitiveness by providing comprehensive supply chain management services, while others will be handled by xieno on its behalf. Taking xieno as an example, the efficiency of supply chain management services provided by third parties is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 Ensure the timely arrival of goods. For example, xieno's service will ensure that the goods pass through customs from the distribution center to the warehouse or customer designated by the supplier, and it will take only one day


2. Accelerate the flow of funds. It usually takes about five days from the supplier's customer receiving the goods to the supplier's payment arrival


3. The whole process of goods from suppliers to customers will be completed in a short time, greatly shortening the procurement lead time. Through this efficient supply chain service, manufacturers and suppliers get significant benefits. For OEM manufacturers, the acquisition of RMB by Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is relatively well-known nationwide, which greatly reduces the occupation of working capital and operating costs; Ensuring the timely supply of high-value components for production can shorten the advance procurement period of OEM manufacturers for this material from a few months to using market-oriented means to further resolve excess capacity has become a top priority for about a week


4. Speed up the information flow between supply chain networks and make the information data real-time and available. For example, suppliers can query specific prices, order processing, delivery and payment through the information platform


5. Effectively avoid the procurement risks caused by forecast errors, market fluctuations, abnormal changes in the international market supply situation and other reasons, such as overstock caused by frequent excessive procurement, or downtime due to insufficient procurement

in order to adapt to China's national conditions and solve the practical problems of enterprises, xieno plans to implement a two-step strategy: in the first stage, it will customize the integrated supply chain service scheme for China's IC industry --- xieno E-port. It will assist IC suppliers, distributors and OEMs to optimize the supply chain process; The main goal is to shorten the procurement lead time and save intermediate links; The second stage will cooperate with customers who are expanding e-commerce, develop EDI Electronic Data Exchange and public ERP management system, and establish an electronic trading market. Provide an information exchange platform, establish a public system between enterprises, accelerate the transmission of information between enterprises and individuals, help customers coordinate manufacturing and sales systems, and greatly improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain

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